FIFA 15 vs FIFA 16 which is better - Graphics comparison

FIFA 16 is the newest entry in the EA Sports’ popular football game franchise. With great new features in gameplay and adding new modes, the game also received an enhanced graphics, which are now more polished and realistic.

To compare the quality of graphics, we captured images of the FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 for Xbox One versions. Photos are screenshots of gameplay and have not undergone any editing.

Starting with the opening sequence of matches, it is easy to notice the visual breakthrough in the latest title, which features more whimsical scenes than the predecessor. It can see brighter colors, and improved definition in texture.

FIFA 15 (left) x Fifa 16 (right): Neymar is present in the two games 

It is noteworthy that the initial scenes are not always unprecedented, as some were clearly recycled version of last year. Still, everything seems more beautiful and detailed in FIFA 16.

FIFA 16: the release presents well-defined details 

FIFA 15: although great, the graphics do not excite like the new version

When the ball starts rolling, the differences are even more evident. More than just improved animations, the new version also displays more compelling lighting effects, which vary according to the stage. Furthermore, the redesigned interface makes great job of creating the climate of live broadcast.

FIFA 16 hits to create very realistic atmosphere of live game

FIFA 15 has more artificial lighting stadiums

In the Fifa 15 pictures you can notice the lack of color and contrast when compared to the new game. With the game in progress, the animations present in FIFA 16 gives a show, which leaves the title last year with visual exceeded at times.

FIFA 16 has visual much higher than the predecessor

Fifa 15 has the same graphics performance to the successor

When approaching the camera of the players, the uniforms are even more beautiful, with textures that closely simulate the different types of fabrics used in manufacturing. Facial expressions and hair also received touches and are much better than those seen in the title 2015.

FIFA 16 shows rich details in uniform and facial expressions

When compared, the changes fail to be blatant but certainly will be well accepted by users.

FIFA 15 has had athletes with high-quality details

As promised by the developer, the crowd also gained considerable improvements in the game this year. More animated and live, the audience now has a variety of garments as well as new moves that make action less robotic.

FIFA 16 features more realistic movements for characters

FIFA 15 offers great modeling, but less than 16 movements

The menus also change with clean and minimalist look. In practice, most of the screens are still exactly the same, but the new color scheme probably will please players who spend time in the Ultimate Team.

FIFA 16: visual menus are more minimalist 

FIFA 15: game menus have darker shades