FIFA 16: Unlock secret clubs - Adidas / MLS All-Star teams

FIFA 16 already has an incredible variety of teams, but that does not stop the EA Sports add some surprises for players. So much so that in game items catalog, there are two additional teams to be unlocked: the selection of All-Stars sponsored by Adidas and the club formed by the best players in the American League Soccer, the MLS.

Both teams can be obtained in exchange for a few coins and offline modes used in the title. Check out the following tutorial to unlock the "secret" clubs in the game:

Step 1. From the main game menu, go to "Customize" tab and select "Catalogue";

Step 2. In the tab, search for "Adidas All-Star Team" and "2015 AT & T MLS All-Star Team). Press A / X to access the teams;

Step 3. Click on "Redeem Item" to buy the teams. Note that you must have the required level and enough coins to pay for the transaction;

Step 4. You can still give to a friend's Xbox Live or PSN with the team. The item will be delivered for free the next time you open the game;

Step 5. Then go to the "Play" and select "Quick Play" tab;

Step 6. The teams are in the league "Rest of the World";

Step 7. On that same league also find other special features, like the stars of the past and the World Selection, filled with the best players on the planet;