Find and Capture Animals in MGS 5 The Phantom Pain

In the vastness of Africa and Afghanistan, there are dozens of animals just waiting of you to be saved from the horrors of war. In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, you can collect animals during your missions in various ways and send them to the Animal Conservation (Zoo) Platform of the Mother Base. You will also get some GMP to our account for capturing animals. Where to find the animals and how to capture them, we will tell you in this guide.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Collect animals

Basically, there are three kinds of animals to capture:

- The Fulton Recovery System you have to collect mainly the large animals.

- The trapping cage is a support weapon that you can develop early in the game and use it to capture especially for small to medium-sized animals. To pick up the staff of the Mother Base takes care automatically.

- You can collect some smaller specimens with the hand, unless they have previously struck with stun guns.

List of All Animal

All species are extremely rare. Some exist only in isolated habitats and you must set up your cage traps to partially hidden places to get hold of a new species. If you have no luck, return to LKZ and try again. In the table below we listed all 47 animals, including, location, GMP reward and fishing method.

GMP Rewards
Catching Methods
Blandford's FoxAfghanistan (northwest)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
Afr. Civet catAfrica (North)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
Afr. Claws GeckoAfrica (Everywhere)Common500 Cage Trap
Afr. BullfrogAfrica (east)Rare5,000 Cage Trap
Afr. Wild dogAfrica (Everywhere)Rare5,000 Fulton
Anglo-Nubian goatAfrica (Everywhere)Rare500 Fulton
AnubisAfrica (Everywhere)Very rare50,000 Fulton
Asia. Rat snakeAfghanistan (Everywhere)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap
Bechstein's batAfghanistan (Everywhere)Common500 Cage Trap
Brown bearAfghanistan (south)Rare5,000 Fulton
Boer GoatAfrica (Everywhere)Rare500 Fulton
ZebraAfrica (Everywhere)Common500 Fulton
DjehutiAfrica (Everywhere)Very rare200,000 Manually
G.Mediterranean Afghanistan (Everywhere)Common500 Cage Trap
ScorpioAfghanistan (Everywhere)Common500 Fulton
Grey WolfAfghanistan (Eastern)Common500 Fulton / Cage Trap
GriffonAfghanistan (Everywhere)Very rare50,000 Fulton
Himalayan BearAfghanistan / Africa (North)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
Honey BadgerAfrica (west)Common500 Cage Trap
Scorpion EmperorAfrica (South)Rare5,000 Fulton / Cage Trap
Eagle MartialAfghanistan (west)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
CaracalAfghanistan (Everywhere)Rare500 Fulton
Cashmere goatAfghanistan (Everywhere)Rare500 Fulton
HyraxAfrica (North West)Rare5,000 Cage Trap
RavenAfghanistan / Africa (Everywhere)Common500 Cage Trap / Manual
HemiechinusAfghanistan (south)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap / Manual
Leopard GeckoAfghanistan (Central)Common500 Cage Trap
Lappet-faced VultureAfrica (northeast)Common500 Fulton / Cage Trap
OkapiAfrica (Everywhere)Very rare50,000 Fulton
Orient. White StorkAfghanistan (northwest)Common to rare500 Fulton / Cage Trap
Leopard TortoiseAfrica (west)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap
GerbilAfghanistan / Africa (Everywhere)Common500 Cage Trap/ Manual
Red FoxAfghanistan (Central)Rare5,000 Cage Trap
Russ. TortoiseAfghanistan (South-West)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap
Reddish PikaAfghanistan (Central)Rare5,000 Cage Trap / Manual
Sand CatAfghanistan (west)Rare5,000 Cage Trap
Black MambaAfrica (South)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap
Black StorkAfghanistan / Africa (South)Rare5,000 Cage Trap / Manual
AgamidaeAfrica (west)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap
Striped JackalAfrica (Everywhere)Common500 Fulton
Marsh MongooseAfrica (west)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
Trumpeter HornbillAfrica (west)Common500 Cage Trap / Manual
TsuchinokoAfrica (northeast)Extremely rare200,000 Cage Trap
African hedgehogAfrica (west)Common to rare2,000 Cage Trap / Manual
Tree PangolinAfrica (South)Very rare50,000 Cage Trap
Wild assAfghanistan / Africa (Everywhere)Common500 Fulton
Desert ChameleonAfrica (South)Rare5,000 Cage Trap

The Oriental White Stork is a special feature. You can stun and collect only during Mission 11!

Pay attention when you capturing that gray wolves, brown bears, strips jackals, African wild dogs, they are nocturnal and sleep during the day. Conversely, it is with cashmere goats, Karakul sheep, wild asses, Anglo-Nubian goats, Boer goats, Bohm's zebra, okapi and wild asses, which are diurnal and sleep at night.

Trophy Achievement "Conservation"

Once you have collected all wildlife species take them to your Mother Base, and you will get the Conservation trophy.