Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for 3DS tips

Cool Items, Outfits and tasty snacks for sale

Who wants his space and / or his partner a little "spice" or latter just give a small snack, he should always have sufficient MP here. The "money" can be located in the department store either Furniture or Other accessories for the room, unlocked outfits or buy food and drinks for the Vocaloids in the game,

You can access the menu to buy house by pressing the X button, and then save the department store (with the right floor) select.

MP can be earned by playing the mini-game in Hang Out mode.

Pocket Money

This tip is now nothing earth-shattering, but still quite useful:

As you begin to collect furniture and you really mind is what you buy, give your partner more pocket money. He is then buy random stuff and at the same time will increase friendship.