Improve your hero's Skills / Attributes in Mad Max

Mad Max is a third person action adventure video game inspired by George Miller’s post apocalyptic universe. Released for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the title starring Max Rockatansky has deep customization systems of the character. To survive in the Waste Land, learn how to improve the skills of the lone warrior.

The wild world of Mad Max is not only composed of vehicular combat but also Max needs to use his combat skills on foot to survive the fighting against gangs of scabrous SCROTUS.

Learn to improve the attributes of the hero is a fairly simple task. First, access the customization area through the pause button to find the tab with all the protagonist characteristics.

In the menu of attributes, you can select new protective jackets to make Max suffers less damage, raise the body fight attribute the body and even acquire new techniques to expand the Warrior moves arsenal.

It is important note that each new attribute requires a specific amount of scrap, so scour every centimeter of the desert setting is imperative task to let Max faster, tougher and, of course, stronger. As the warrior in the plot progresses, new customization features are unlocked.

Griffa Tokens and Max’s Skills

To develop Max’s skills, not his attributes, it is necessary to replace tokens - one of the key features of the game - with Griffa, the mysterious character of Desolate Earth.

The Griffa icon is flagged on the map only when the protagonist gets a token. Objects can be won to complete specific legend Ranking goals, how to defeat 5 Buzzard vehicles and loot certain amount of scrap in excavations, for example.

The objectives available for purchase token points can be found in the "Legend" tab of the customization menu. Remember that token missions also raise the level of Max's legend.

After storing token points in the inventory, find the Griffa location on the map, go to the location and talk to the NPC (character controlled by the game of intelligence). Once you done that, the skill tree will be available for score distribution as well understand player. The skills include raising the maximum of warrior life, spoiler skills and more.