Mad Max all Skills and Equipment Upgrades

In Mad Max, your (anti) hero Max starts as a poor man who was robbed by bandits and beaten badly. But Max does not have such a miserable victims remain because you can pimp the Road Warrior tidy during his vendetta.

Mad Max: Upgrades - scrap and tokens!

You can pimp Max in two different ways. Firstly, his free upgradeable equipment and all the crazy Max stuff. For example, Max brass knuckles for more damage in melee or more ammunition for his shotgun. For such upgrades he needs Scrap. Furthermore, you can still teach an old dog new trick… like Max. For this purpose he needs help. Namely, a spiritual mystic Griffa who is always somewhere near. In return after completion of challenges he gets "Griffa tokens," which can be used to increase his maximum health.

All Max skills at a glance

Skill Benefit
Longevity Increase hitpoints of Max
Judgement Increase the Legend rank of Max
Volition Increase the scrap find by Max
Attunement Increase melee damage by Max
Ammunition Increase the ammunition find by Max
Metabolism Increase life energy that Max is gaining from food
Essence Increase the water find by Max
Adaptation Max uses less gasoline
Channeling Increase the time that Max can spend in Fury mode
Intuition Increase the durability of Max melee weapons

All equipment upgrades at a glance

Skill Benefit
Brass knuckles (knuckledusters) Improve the melee damage of Max
Jacket  Reduce damage taken
Arm (Wrist Armor) Increase the damage done by counterattacks and reduce the damage from missed parades
Ammunition belt (Ammo Belt) Increase the number of knives and ammunition, Max carrying
Head  Change the appearance of Max.
Shotgun Increase the damage and the number of ammo, so that Max can fire more often
Skills Unlock new battle skills
Tools New tool, but most of them you get as the game progresses. You should take only the Jimmy Bar because otherwise you don't get to open locked doors and containers