Mad Max (PC) learn how to Capture Camps

Each area in the world of Mad Max has one or more enemy camp. This applies to conquer it.

How do you capture camps that regularly produce scrap which is the currency for vehicle and character upgrades, from your allies.

In addition, you will also find other scrap and relics, which are necessary for mastering the challenges. In addition, some quests are only available if certain camps were taken.

How do I Capture a Camp

The camps are different. Therefore, you should take an overview first. Use the informants (violet exclamation mark on the map) or your binoculars.

Once you have identified all protections, then you can proceed as follows:

- Eliminate sniper. One possibility is the harpoon with which you bring the tower down. The second option is the sniper rifle.

- Take care of the front defenses. These are usually operated by one or more tanks. Destroy the tanks (most with a harpoon), to eliminate the defenses.

- Now we have to be quick on and off the War Crier. Shoot the War Crier either using the shotgun or bring the mechanism. Some camps offer enough space to the War Criers off from the outside. Use as usual the harpoon or the sniper rifle.

- Ram the gate by car, destroy with the harpoon or explode

There are four types of Camps:

- Oil Pump Camps
Target: (canister fire) destruction of the oil pump in the last area of the warehouse

- Oil Transfer Camp
Goal: destruction of several transfer tanks in the store (also with canisters)

- Stank Gum Camp
Objective: Defeat a certain number of fighters

- Top Dog Camp
Objective: Defeat the Top Dog

In general: don’t trigger an alarm. Quickly and cleverly defeat Was Crier and snipers.

So much for the outer protection of a warehouse. Now it is fighting and pursue goals.

In the entrance area you normally expect a group of opponents, a War Crier and one of the many goals, if it is an oil transfer stock.

Here destroy the War Crier first, so that the already annoying War Boys don’t become even stronger.

Once you have successfully cleared the enemy entrance, you follow the (linear) path to the goal - mostly via ladders or doors that need to be entered.

It is advisable to browse the different areas completely before you follow the path to the goal / end of the camp. So you don’t miss anything and don’t have to repeatedly run around the camp, looking for the last scrap parts at the end.

Another important tip: Do not follow blindly the main path. For the above reason, you should always install the side streets and adjoining rooms Browse before you select the main path. In this way, it is almost impossible to miss Collectibles.

Once you have turned off all the rogues and achieved all objectives (for example, all oil tanks destroyed), the camp is yours, serving you in the future with scrap.