Mad Max: unlock new cars, Death Run, vehicle locations

In Mad Max you can unlock more vehicles to expand your magnum opus and to have alternative cars. We have been looking in the wastelands of post-apocalypse all kinds of vehicles and found new cars.

In Mad Max, it's all about cars and wild car battles. Therefore, you can assemble a very cool vehicle called Magnum Opus and upgrade vehicles. And if you want to modify the chassis of the magnum opus, you have to unlock only the appropriate type of vehicle. Alternatively, you can also drive the new truck yourself and let the magnum opus in the garage.

Mad Max: Unlock Vehicles 

To unlock a new vehicle, you must first find it in the wastelands and possibly tear from the hands of their drivers. Because most War Boys and bandits hanging on their carts and they never willingly to give them.

Here you see all the vehicles we have found in Mad Max. To get some vehicles you have to win a Death Run and others you can find freely on the street.

Vehicle Location Death Run Location
Metal Grinder Near the Vantage Outpost in southeastern Gutgash Fortress Neck Snappin'
Rammerhead On the street in front of Jeet's Stronghold Corner Cut
Armored Spotter - Craggy Crew
Heavy Armored Spotter - Barre Ling Barrows
Fire Raider North of Pink Eye’s Stronghold Even RIP
Carne Wagon Random patrol in Gutgash Territory Heat Haze
Scrapulance Camp in the north of Jeet's Fortress -
Skull Butts At Vantage Outpost in the Grit Canyons Corner Cut
Side Blender - Neck Snappin'
Speedsta Road in the northwest of the Colossus-Vantage Outpost
Crazy Racy
Plate Speedsta - Craggy Crew
Toughnut Speedsta Pink Eye’s Stronghold - South East  Mortal Bite
Flamergamer - Pothole Ridge
Kaboom Bug - Valley of Dust
Crusher Jeet’s Stronghold - North West , close to Vantage Point Heat Haze
Armored Crusher - Summit of the Mighty
Heavy Armored Crusher - Tricky Pass
Dropkicker - Pothole Ridge
Prickles Fuel Veins - North East  Buckle Down
Mancannon Black Sand camp in Fuel Veins - North East  Valley of Dust
Charbone - Pothole Ridge
Barbacon In the Blackmaws region, northeast of the Death Ruin race The reconvene
Chums's Buggy Finish the Chumbucket's Wasteland quest in Jeet's Fortress Summit of the Mighty
Golden Tuska - Crazy Racy
Hardball - Buckle Down
The Twelve - Mortal Bite
Demented Chariot - The reconvene
Crow's Caller Finish Rustle Dazzle's Wastelands mission  Broken Pipes
Big Chef Chariot - Tricky Pass
Inteceptor - Barre Ling Barrows