MGS 5 The Phantom Pain bionic arm - all abilities / upgrades

As one of the new cool features in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain is the Venom Snake's bionic arm. You can continue to evolve the multi-functional prosthetic arm throughout the game and use it both to elucidation, anesthesia and as a killing tool. We explain you here all the functions and upgrades of the bionic arm.

After the explosion of the Mother Base in MGS 5: Ground Zeroes Big Boss not only lost nine years of his life because of his comatose state, but also his left arm. However, this loss is compensated by a prosthetic arm again, which brings all sorts of useful skills. What features and upgrades, the bionic arm has on it, we show you here.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: bionic arm

After Snake has overcome at the beginning of the shock of his lost arm, you get quite early in the game the bionic arm, which revealed diverse functions in the game. For example, you can simulate the denture knocking sounds to lure opponents. This works even when lying down.

By default, the bionic arm comes in red version. But you can also develop a gold finish or you get it when you transmit your Score from MGS 5: Ground Zeroes. Do you want to have a real bionic arm for home, it also exists as an extra in the Collectors Edition of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain.

The bionic arm can be used both to alert and to stun and eliminate enemies. With appropriate level ascents of your units on the Mother Base also you are allowed always exploring new features and making ready for use. In the following chart you can see all the upgrades including requirements and costs.

Upgrade EffectPrerequisites GMP Costs
Active sonar 1 You can use a sonar to detect enemies and objects.- R & D: Lv 12
- Intel: Lv 12 
Active Sonar 2 Range is increased.- R & D: Lv 22
- Intel: Lv 22
- Radar Specialist 
Active Sonar 3 Range is increased.- R & D: Lv 36
- Intel: Lv 36 
Mobility 1 Duration of the reflex mode is increased by one second.- R & D: Lv 9 90,000
Agility 2 Movement speed increased 20% when crawling, hanging and climbing..- R & D: Lv 19 190,000
Agility 3 Jump distance and faster sprint increased by 20% .- R & D: Lv 33  330,000
Accuracy 1 Increased success rate by 20% in Fulton extractions.- R & D: Lv 10
- Intel: Lv 10
- Mechatronics specialist
Accuracy 2 Reload speed increased by 20%.- R & D: Lv 20
- Intel: Lv 20  
Accuracy 3 Main weapon is drawn 50% faster.- R & D: Lv 34
- Intel: Lv 34   
Medical 1 20% more health.- R & D: Lv 11
- Medic: Lv 11
- Cybernetics specialist
Medical 2 50% reduced risk of serious injury. With vessel equipped Bandana even 100%.- R & D: Lv 21

- Medic: Lv 21

Medical 3 Number of medicinal plants  received increased by 100%.- R & D: Lv 35
- Medic: Lv 35

Bionic arm (SIL) -- R & D: Lv 2
- Master Certificate (Elite) (Important Subject)

Bionic arm (GLD) -- R & D: Lv 8
- Alternatively, as a reward by Score transmission.

Stun gun 1 Charging a weak attack takes 1 second. - R & D: Lv 13  30,000
Stun gun 2 Charging a strong attack lasts 2 seconds.- R & D: Lv 23
- Stun Gun Plan
Stun gun 3 Charging a lightning attack lasts 12 seconds.- R & D: Lv 37 430,000
Hand of Jehuty 1 You can drag a selected destination to you.- R & D: Lv 28
- Catch Legendary Ibis in addition to surgery 49th
- Precious x120
Hand of Jehuty 2 Battery and range improved.- R & D: Lv 46
- Precious x150  
Rocket arm 1 You can fire missiles to stun enemies. Flight duration is 27.5 seconds. Each steering maneuver shortens the time. - R & D: Lv 30
- Intel: Lv 30
- Simple metal x400 
Rocket arm 2 You can fire missiles to stun enemies longer. Flight duration is 57.5 seconds. Each steering maneuver shortens the time.- R & D: Lv 48
- Intel: Lv 48
- Missile control specialist
- Simple metal x500 
Blast arm 1 You can fire missiles, to kill enemies. Flight duration is 27.5 seconds. Each steering maneuver shortens the time.- R & D: Lv 42
- Combat unit: Lv 42
- Missile control specialist
- In addition to metal x250 
Blast arm 2 You can fire missiles to kill enemies (increased damage). Flight duration is 57.5 seconds. Each steering maneuver shortens the time.- R & D: Lv 60
- Combat unit: Lv 60
- In addition to metal x600