MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: Bugs and Issues / Quiet shower scene

Fix Glitch in Mission 29 and 42

Konami has warned that there is a programming error / glitch that that results in being unable to progress in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain if certain circumstances occur.

This bug occurs only if you took Quiet as your buddy for mission number 29 or 42, so Konami strongly recommended that you should not use Quiet to fulfill those missions. Note that the error affects all versions of the game.

So far there have been no details about a possible patch to fix this issue.

Update: September 10

Konami has announced that it is working on a patch to fix the bug that prevents the game progress.

In addition, the company has given more details about the conditions that have to be produced to make the bug occur. As we reported earlier , this happens if you get along with Quiet as a partner in Chapters 29 and 42, although she can be used in long and when we use the emblem or avoid Mariposa up our level of friendship with her ​​the most during the course of the mission.

Update: September 14

Konami has announced that the bug affecting the saved game Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has been fixed in PlayStation 4 and PC. This patch will be available on other platforms soon. It has also been said that work to improve connection problems with servers.

The promised update 1.03 now been published for the PlayStation 4, which prevents the Score-bug that could be caused by Buddy Quiet in certain situations.

Update 1:03: Patch Notes

- Fixed an issue where under specific conditions, the game halts progression in the black screens Displayed after clearing Mission 29 and Mission 42nd
- Fixed the issue where once the prior issue is triggered, the data goes directly to the save black screen and game progression is halted.
- Fixed the issue where using the selection controls during the first tutorial When buying on FOB the game halted progression.

Update 1:01: Patch Notes

- Additional features and enhancements for FOB missions.
- Overall optimization and stability enhancements.

In addition to general improvements to stability and support for the FOB-mode has been implemented.

Update 1:04: Patch for Ground Zeroes allows Score transmission

Also update 1:04 for the prologue MGS 5: Ground Zeroes published which enables Score transfer in The Phantom Pain. Here you can then rejoice in some extras that will be released in The Phantom Pain.

MGS 5: how to solve the problems of FOV and Black Screen / White squares issues

Here are some answers to common problems reported by many PC users even on the Konami’s official forums dedicated to the game.

Let's start with the problem with the FOV; is there a way to fix it? Unfortunately still no! The solution does not seem to be just around the corner from the network but come heartening information according to which someone would be working hard to resolve this issue.

Others, however, point out for the appearance of a black screen with big squared white and of being unable to play until after the reboot of the game and in some cases the system. To fix this issue, in the initial game settings, change the resolution and restart.

While you wait for an update to fix these issues, you can unlock Quiet shower scene

There are certain conditions that must be me in order to unlock Quiet shower scene.

First you must reach your bond with Quiet to the maximum level. Then also select Quiet as a companion for a mission (except those two missions mentioned above). Now here’s the fun part:

Look for a dumpster and get inside and smoke cigar for several days. Then look out through a riflescope from the dumpster until you see flies buzzing around your gun, then there is smell not only from the garbage containers, but also from Snakes body. Climb out of the barrel and check again, if you see flying around you. Return to the Mother Base. There you will already receive your buddy.

After you are landed at Mother Base, the shower scene with Quiet is triggered. If you want to experience the scene yourself, simply execute the above steps in the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.