MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: D Walker location, skills and commands

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D Walker Buddy Guide - Location, Skills, Upgrades and Commands at a glance.

With D-Walker you get a strong mechanical companion in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, who can help you with numerous tricks. You can upgrade it in several stages.

D-Walker is a versatile transport and Ruff, equip with different components and make ready for use. We will show you the various pieces of equipment and command of D-Walker in the following Buddy Guide.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D Walker 

D Walker is available to you automatically after completing of the Mission 13. Basically, there are two areas of application for the Ruff:

- You can use it as a means of transportation and controls him here just like D-Horse. The horse you can theoretically send in the African desert, because D-Walker has the additional advantage that you can equip him with weapons.

- Use it to support you depends on the configuration as a reconnaissance unit or he can use to attack enemies while you are waiting at a safe distance. You can put him in the slow-wait mode, where it is completely invisible.

The equipment of D-Walker

Unlike other companions like Quiet, D-Dog and D-Horse you have no relationship value with D-Walker, ultimately it is an emotionless machine. The skills rather depend on the composition of the components. You can use D-Walker in the air command center (LNC) equipped with various items that you have previously developed. Here are allowed to store your various settings that you retrieve in combat, reconnaissance or infiltration as required.

You can refer to the following tables about the equipment parts / accessories and commands of D-Walker.

D-Walker Equipment Parts

Main chassisRank 2 Health: 3,800, Defense: 5,500
Main chassisRank 3 Health: 4,800, Defense: 5,500
Main chassisRank 4 Health: 7,250, Defense: 5,500
Head areaSupport head (Rank 2) -
Head areaSupport head (Rank 3) Allows wait mode
Head areaEnlightenment head Enables auto-search mode
Head areaHead of the interception Enables auto-interception
ManipulatorSpecial arm Can carry a body wear 
ManipulatorSpecial arm CQC Can carry a body and attack with CQC
ManipulatorSpecial arm MCHT Can carry a body and attack soldiers with a machete
ManipulatorSpecial arm SM Can carry a body and attack soldiers, vehicles and Walker Gears


- Get D-Walker to you
Normal Mode- Terminate all other modes
Slow ModeSupport head (Rank 3) D-Walker stops and will not be visible in order to remain undetected
Search ModeEnlightenment head D-Walker stops and provides all the targets (even behind obstacles) within 180 meters in front of his position with a permanent marker.
InterceptionInterception head D-Walker stops and attacked all the targets in its field of view within 60 yards. With a stun weapon equipped, it can provide in this way an excellent distraction.