MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: how to build / optimize your military force

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain brings back the concept of Mother introduced in Peace Walker. To keep the unit in operation and progress quickly, you must always recruit the best soldiers for the Diamond Dogs team.

Use Non-Lethal Methods

The easiest way to extract soldiers and prisoners to the base is to use the Fulton balloons. However, injured people are at risk of not resisting the procedure. Thus, the sight of someone with good attributes or desirable skill, try to let him unconscious to increase the chances of recruitment.

If the target is bruised and the chances of rescue him via Fulton are low or zero, it is still possible to call for a helicopter or by land to extract him from the mission area.

Upgrade Binoculars

As soon as possible, upgrade the binoculars to be able to scan the field soldiers and prisoners. Thus, it is possible to identify which targets are worth being taken to the base to join the army.

Different attributes are ranked from Worst to Best (just as the ranking of the missions). While at the beginning the binoculars record attributes to the rank B, the best statistics that these will be recorded by question marks. Thus, it is still possible to know which soldier has high status.

Skilled Experts

From the home screen of the missions, the game shows a list of special abilities that some area of the soldiers have. Especially late in the game, many items will demand professionals with some specific expertise to develop the best items. Thus, whenever possible to extract an expert, do so.

While binoculars show the attributes and special abilities of the soldiers, sometimes it is easier to find skilled experts and veterans to interrogate found soldiers in battle. After a military report to you the existence of an expert, the location of this will be automatically registered on the iDroid’s map.

Besides being a good way to make money, the Side Ops often offer the possibility to find new recruits for the Diamond Dogs. In some missions, the goal can be specifically rescue soldier or a skilled prisoner. So whenever you have time to spare, be sure to check the list of side missions.

If you played the prologue Ground Zeroes, the game offers you the possibility to export the title except to recover the rescued prisoners and leverage them in The Phantom Pain. When being restored, new recruits are added in small groups so main missions come to an end. Although many count with median attributes, this is a good way to help you to gain momentum for the army at the beginning of the game.