MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: how to get S-Rank on all missions

Big Boss is not satisfied with half measures and is regarded as the perfect soldier. Do you want to do him justice; you can try any of the 50 major missions in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain and finish with the S-Rank. To get this highest ranking after mission completion, you need to have skill and speed. We show you how you can achieve S-Rank on each Mission.

In MGS 5: Ground Zeroes and MGS: Peace Walker, you get a vote for the success of your each mission. But in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain you can get an S-Rank after successfully completion of each mission. How you can achieve an S-rank in every main mission, we tell show you below.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Get S-Rank in every main mission

To have a shot at the S-Rank in the main missions, you should basically consider the following two things:

1. Don’t try to claim a S-rank in your first playthrough. Learn the Mission. In addition, you get better equipment in the game with which it is a lot easier to achieve the highest rating. You can repeat each mission as many times as you like.

2. Skip any cutscenes, because these will consume the mission time, which has great influence on the final score. Especially in Metal Gear games, the cutscenes banks already made once, which is why you should skipping if you have the chance.

After each mission you can see the result screen. Here, especially a fast time and undiscovered approach crucial for the S-Rank.

Tips and strategies for achieving the S-rank

- The magic barrier to reach the S-rank in every mission is a score of 130,000 points.

- Only major emissions are affected by the ranking system. You will not get final evaluation for extra operations.

- Altogether there are 50 main missions. However, there are exceptions where you can not get an S-rank on missions 02, 22 and 43.

- The basic tactic is to complete each mission as quickly as possible, without being detected.

- Optional mission objectives take too much time and keep you only busy.

- Some equipment prevents the S-Rank in use. With them you can achieve a maximum rank A. These include: Stealth Suit, Parasite-Suit, Chicken Hat, Bandana, D-Walker Fulton Extraction The use of air strikes and support helicopters prevent the S-Rank.

- Leverage your first playthrough of missions to destroy enemy radar stations (as with C4). This gives you in later experiments a temporal advantage, since you now land directly in the mission area and can start again. Time-consuming way you remain spared.

- Additionally S-ranks reward you with more money (GMP) and more heroism.

An inconstant variables in attempts to reach the S-rank, is the enemy behavior. In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, the enemies of your playing style to fit. Spread many headshots to get soldiers helmets. If you prefer night missions, the opponents arm sooner or later with night vision goggles. And with gas masks they know how to defend themselves against nasty grenades.

Achievement "Elite"

Once you have completed all the main missions with rank S, you will get the achievement Elite.