MGS 5 The Phantom Pain unlock Cyborg Ninja costume of Gray Fox

In Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, there are massive alternative outfits and uniforms, including the cool Raiden Costume. But the developer Konami has created something very special. Namely, the legendary costume Cyber Ninja, which was used by Gray Fox in the very first Metal Gear on the PlayStation 1.

In the following guide, we show you how and what materials you need to unlock the Cyborg Ninja outfit.

The Cyborg Ninja costume is a Rank 4 uniform

The costume of Gray Fox is a Rank 4 uniform and improved your sprint performance and the jump distance by 30 %. So to speak, a light version of Raiden Costume! And as a special bonus, the cyber-ninja uniform is as pixelated and detailed as time on the PlayStation 1. But keep in mind also that the costume has a few drawbacks:

- Equipped with Cyborg Ninja costume during missions you can never achieve S rank, but a maximum of A.

- The same applies to FOB missions. Also for PvP, the suit of the Cyber Ninja is not allowed.

Unlock Development

For the development of Cyborg Ninja costume - first you need the Master Certificate. To obtain this, you must finish the game once and have completed all missions.

MGS 5, Phantom Pain, Cyborg Ninja Costume, Gray Fox

Development Cost

Uniform - Cyborg Ninja
Rank - 4
Characteristics - Sprint speed and jumping distance increased by 30%.
GMP Cost - 460,000
Special Item - Master Certificate (Standard)
R & D Level - 40
Materials - Foxglove / Digitalis (Purpurea) x40, Foxglove / Digitalis (Lutea) x10
Development time - 36 minutes

With the Cyborg Ninja you can sprint on opponents and spin them so they stunned for a short time.