Minecraft (PC) Update 1.9 - Combat against the Ender Dragon

In this article there is a brief overview of what is new in 1.9 update:

- The fight against the Ender Dragon, as well as the end itself been improved and extended.

The fight against the Ender Dragon is now more difficult, the Ender crystals on top of obsidian tower will no longer spawn at random but always placed equal in a circle, but 2 or 3 Ender crystals are surrounded by metal bars, so it is not possible to shoot this with bow and arrow.

The dragon can also spew toxic gases still called "Dragon's Breath". With a glass bottle can fill some Dragon's Breath and use it as a drink. However, what the Dragon's Breath is caused not entirely clear yet. In addition, the Ender Dragon can now re-spawn, by putting the Ender crystals back on top of their towers.

- The end is also expanded considerably.

Defeat the Ender Dragon, appears next to the Portal which still leads back to the upper world a second portal, the so-called end-gateway. You can only use the Portal, by throwing an Ender Pearl by the 1x1 blocks. If you have done this, you will spawn at another of the many islands in the end. There are strange plants which drop the chorus fruit. You can eat more of this fruit. If you eat it, you will be teleported to any other place in an environment of estimated 20 blocks. In addition to the plants, there are new forts with towers in the end, in which there are platformers that you have to create. In the fortresses, you will also encounter new enemies called Shulker.

* - In 1.9 the entire combat system is fundamentally revised. *

There will be a left hand, the so-called off-hand with which you can, however, use any tools and degrade no blocks. So you can only use blocks and objects that can be used with a right click of the off-hand. If you have something in the normal hand, which has a right-click function (eg a sword) and in the off-hand, for example, a block earth and you right-click is one, however, blocking with the sword, rather than to place the earth. So the normal hand the off-hand is preferred.

Thus out of the fight no mere "click Battle", it is at weapons and tools now give a varying depending on the tool usually pretty short time in which you can inflict no harm to your opponents. This time is the shortest at an ax longest and at a field hoe. And as if that were not enough we have also changed the damage values. A diamond sword makes 7 attack damage, a axe 10. The "sharpness" - were also changed: Sharpness 1 is weaker, Sharpness 2 equal and from Focus 3 is better than in the 1.8.

In addition, armor is now no longer so strong and it becomes weaker when it breaks down soon. There are also many new arrow styles and a new way of soaking. You can now combine any potion with arrows, thus bringing arrows with various effects. So there will be, for example poisoning arrows. In addition, there is an arrow type that can appear with a white border to opponents, which can also be seen through by blocks.