Most Bizarre Characters in Mad Max Fury Road (game 2015)

Most Bizarre Characters in Mad Max Fury Road - Max, Chumbucket and Scrotus

In Mad Max you will meet many characters, including hero Max, his crazy mechanic buddy Chumbucket and nasty villain Scabrous Scrotus. But who are the whole wacky characters in gloomy apocalyptic action game from Avalanche Studios?

The Mad Max films like Mad Max 2, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, or the new Fury Road are known, that there are all sorts of wacky and bizarre characters in them. Or who does not remember the Lord Humongous, Aunty Entity or crazy duo Master Blaster? Therefore, similar characters in the latest Mad Max game may not be missing.

Mad Max: Characters - Max Rockatansky - The Road Warrior

"Mad" Max Rockatansky was once a policeman in one of the last bastions of civilization in the post-apocalyptic Australia, but after marauding bikers slaughtered his family, he roams a broken man by the desolate outback. Here Max had long since given up the ghost when the will to live would not be impregnated in every fiber of his body.

Max just cannot die so easily, his tough body would not let that happen! So he drags himself day after day continues through an existence that is as bleak as the wasteland, where he roams. That's why he did not die after bandits, the Interceptor to steal, his car and sets out to reclaim his car and take revenge!

Chumbucket and Griffa

On his journey Max is supported by several people, including Chumbucket and Griffa. Chumbucket or just Chum, is a fairly oblique birds. An incredible car mechanic, who has made his business to religion and a kind of machine worships God. For him the Max Road Warrior is a messenger of the Lord, and therefore he wants for him to build a special vehicle - Magnum Opus.

Griffa turn is a spiritual mystic who can soothe Max tortured soul and brings peace. In the game, this means that Max unlocks new skills and upgrades his skills over Griffa.

Scabrous Scrotus and Stank Gum

No Mad Max without crooked villains! Therefore, you meet in the game even the brutal villain Scabrous Scrotus, who is a son of the cruel despot Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road. Therefore he has little sympathy for Max and left as the leader of a troupe War Boys and he dominates the city Gastown. Scrotus is a brutal psychopath who wears the skulls of his enemies as trophies.

And since an Obermotz as scabrous Scrotus can not go through all his villainy alone, of course, he has a loyal henchman and favorite, namely the hideous stench Gum. This disgusting guy is worse than his master, and transmits the cut faces of his victims as headgear. Furthermore, he has no teeth but only pointed nails that he has drilled into his rotting gums. Real gross!