One Piece Pirate Warriors 3: unlock all characters / dream log

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 has finally been released and again promises plenty of pirates action with many characters. But not all are available at the beginning

One Piece - Pirate Warriors 3

In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, you can choose from 37 different playable characters, with which you can plunge into mass slaughter. At the beginning, however, available only a limited selection. To unlock the whole roster, a few things need to be done - and these are not all that difficult.

One Piece - Pirate Warriors 3: Unlock all Characters

If you play the story mode you’ll get most of the One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 characters. To unlock you have to do nothing more than playing through the story and some characters like Nami or Lucci then automatically available to you in the course of time.

The strongest characters you get only if you enter the dream-log mode. These are different small islands, which are initially not interconnected and you need to travel to get your figure. However, you can not select these arbitrarily, but must fight your way, so the islands combine to allow your access to new stations. There, waiting different bosses - and by defeating them, you switch it free for the rest of the game don’t have to make more only in the course of time all the islands and bosses are visible.

Note: There are other characters that help you in the fight - but they can not be self-controlled. This is Morgan, Black, Arlong, Don war, Alvida, Jazz Boner, MR.2, Mr.3, Monet, Hody, Vergo, Bellamy, Niemiecki, Pacifista, Bruno, Sentomaru, Jozu, Vista, Burgess, Wapol , Wiper, Okta, Lapahn, Hannybal, Minotaur and Corby.

If all of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 characters see in the overview, you can find them using the following button:

Here you learn, which bosses wait on you and what level they possess. Good luck with the unlock:

Dream Log: Ace, the Fire Fist Ace (Recommended Level 7)

Ace is the first character you can unlock of the dream log. To reach him, you must still overcome two other small islands without unlockable bosses. His specialty is fire attacks.

Dream Log: Gecko Moria, Shichibukai (Recommended Level 15)

After you have defeated Ace, you can make your way and you move either over the islands to Gecko Moria or Magellan. Once you have defeated him, he joins your troops. He can manipulate the darkness and absorb the strength of his enemies.

Dream Log: Magellan, the overseer (Recommended Level 15)

Once you've defeated Ace, you can make your way and you move either over the islands to Gecko Moria or Magellan. Once you reach Magellan and have defeated, you can select him in other modes. He can produce various toxins and has great strength.

Dream Log: Enel (Recommended Level 25)

Enel is the self-proclaimed God of Skypia and has complete control over tremendous forces. This makes him a good ranged and is pretty fast to quickly rebuild distance to his opponents. Defeat him and God will be available as a playable character.

Dream Log: Navy Admiral Fujitora (Recommended Level 25)

Fujitora is one of the strongest fighters in the Navy and has the power to manipulate gravity. He is also a gifted swordsman, making it a great choice for both near and long distance fights. Once you have defeated him, you can mix things up with him, the battles.

Dream log: "Hawk Eye" Mihawk, the world's greatest swordsman (Recommended Level 25)

Hawk Eye is the best swordsman in the oceans and, with its cross-shaped weapon, in the battle. He has eaten no Devil Fruit unlike many other characters and you can still hold a candle. He is the mentor of Roronoa Zoro after the Impel Down Arc. To defeat Hawk Eye, it requires some skill, but once he goes to the ground, you have a strong ally.

Dream Log: Do Flamingo, Shichibukai (Recommended Level 30)

Doflamingo is the main antagonist of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, but still can be unlocked for other fights. With his strength he can summon threads and so his opponents, for example use as dolls. It can also produce clone-puppets. Doflamingo is, after a win against him, an interesting, playable character.

Dream Log: Navy Admiral Kizaru (Recommended Level 30)

Admiral Kizaru can enable the light, making him extremely fast. He can run very strong, physical attacks, but also leave severe burns his victims. Once you defeat him, you can select him in the other modes.

Dream Log: Kuzan "Aokiji" (Recommended Level 30)

Aokiji is an Admiral of the Navy, who eat the Ice, Ice Fruit. As the name suggests, he can thus summon and manipulate ice. He is one of the strongest fighters in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and, after you have defeated him, be a good addition of your roster.

Dream Log: Navy Admiral Akainu (Recommended Level 30)

Admiral Akainu has only one goal in the world: to destroy all pirates. He has complete control over lava and makes it his enemies hard to get to him. However, he is under your control, because you have defeated him earlier on the island.

Dream Log: Bartholomew Kuma (appears only after you've defeated Akainu)

Kuma is now a cyborg and is under the command of world government. With his crazy power he can hit people so hard that they fly through the area for days or manipulate air so that it becomes a bomb. He's faster than he looks and very powerfully from close range. So be careful when you go against him - once you have defeated him, he will be with you.

Dream Log: Monkey D. Garp (Recommended Level 30)

Vice Admiral Garp is the grandfather of Luffy and, despite the fact that he has not eaten any Devil Fruit, one of the strongest fighters of the entire One Piece universe. He is a brutal melee specialist who almost crushed his opponents. Garp fought countless times against Gol D. Roger and after you have defeated him in a dream log, you can even get into the skin of the infamous pirate hunter.

Dream Log: Whitebeard of the Four Emperors (Recommended Level 50)

Whitebeard is no longer living in the One Piece series, however, the strongest pirate in the world and therefore still immersed in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. He was one of four emperors and is characterized by his immense power a practical fighter, even if he is not the fastest. You will notice it as soon as he is under your control after you have defeated him.

Dream Log: Blackbeard (Recommended Level 50)

After the death of Whitebeard, Blackbeard took the post of the strongest pirate in the world. He not only can produce earthquakes, but also turn into darkness and lose other vicious force users to their abilities. Once you've actually managed to defeat him again, you shall be able to overthrow him in the battle and represent a great danger to all enemies.

Dream Log: Legendary Pirate Shanks (Recommended Level 50)

In the island waits Legendary Pirate called Shanks; the pirate who gave his famous straw hat. You should properly level up in order to survive against Shanks. After you have defeated him, you can use the legendary pirate in your troop and defeat the hordes with him.