PES 2016: create cool Bundesliga jerseys / logos with edit mode

Konami delivers a comprehensive editor with PES 2016. Using the built-in tools you can import team emblems, jerseys, coach Photos and competition emblems. This gives the opportunity to add all teams from the Bundesliga, Premiere League and other top leagues. The required graphics are already available for download. Below we explain to you how you import the files into Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, create teams and add jerseys and team logos. Here we have used the PS4 version of PES 2016.

To create the files option or patches on PS4, you need a USB Flash Drive. This allows you to import the graphics logos and jerseys; must be in JPEG or PNG format. The resolution of the images must be at least 64x64 and maximum of 2048x2048 pixels. If you download the graphics that offer for fans, you do not have to worry about the size of the logos and jerseys as they are already in the correct format.

PES 2016: Import jerseys and logos

- Ensure that your USB Flash Drive is formatted with the FAT32 file system
- Download logos and jerseys of the Bundesliga teams (created by fans)
- Unpack the RAR archive to any folder on your hard drive
- Plug in the USB flash drive to your PC and create a folder named WEPES
- Copy all PNG files from the RAR archive into the folder WEPES on your USB drive
- Plug in the USB flash drive to your PS4
- Start PES 2016 - select edit mode from the main menu and click Data Management, then import photos
- In the next menu you click on jerseys, select the USB flash drive and mark all the jerseys that you want to import
- Repeat this step with the team emblems and emblems competition
- All data stored on the USB stick graphics should now be available in PES 2016

PES 2016: Edit Team

The T-Shirts must be added individually in PES 2016. For Konami (about PEU League) create diverse fantasy leagues with fantasy teams that can be edited at will.

- Select in the editor under "Teams" from the team, you edit and add new logos and jerseys you want.
- Under jersey, team name, logo, etc. change coach given name, and import new graphics
- Select "jerseys", the next screen displays all the graphics that you have previously copied from your USB drive.
- Once you have created all the desired parameters and graphics for a team you casn confirm your changes with the Circle button.
- Repeat the step for each team
- Among competitions in the editor you can create your own leagues and add all edited Teams
- Note that the modified teams can only be used offline

PES 2016: Edit Player faces, customize statistics

After you have added the desired associations including 2016 logo and jerseys in PES, you can request to edit all players - including faces and statistics. While no player faces can be imported, however, individual parameters can be changed. This can certainly achieve considerable results. There is a thread created in the forum specifically to Bundesliga teams.

Click on the specified teams to see a detailed view. There fans will have the individual players statistics and accessories listed. Seek out the kickers who want to edit them in PES 2016. Click on the player to watch at the respective face parameters. In the editor of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 you can watch the individual faces finally with the values created by fans.