PES 2016: learn how to Play MyClub mode

MyClub in PES 2016 is a sort of online version of the Master League, where you can form your dream teams by hiring athletes from different nationalities and clubs in the world. Check out the following step by step guide to play MyClub mode :

Step 1. From the main menu, go to the tab "FOOTBALL LIFE" and select MyClub;

Step 2. At first, you need to select a team. This will make your players to use the uniform, badge and stadium club.

Step 3. Time to hire a coach! Take into account the expertise of the professional and the style of play, as this will affect the behavior of the group in the field;

Step 4. You can select a star to play on loan in the team. According to the quality of the player, you will have limited matches with the ace on the team. Options include Gareth Bale, RoboN Van Persie, Yaya Toure and others;

Step 5. From the main menu, go to the "Start" tab to start playing. Three modes are available: online divisions, simulation divisions (where you just watch) and against the computer;

Step 6. After every game, you get a GP bonus, game currency that can be used to recruit new athletes;

Step 7. New contracts will be delivered with frequency. These work much like a ticket to exchange for a new random athlete;

Step 8. To sign new players, go to the "Agreement" and select the desired mode. In the first option, you can use won contracts, while the second will spend GPs athletes to achieve the highest quality;

Step 9. After a short draw animation, you'll get a surprise athlete who can be an ace or a professional of less significance;

Step 10. Don’t forget to put new players in the first team. The tactical understanding between athletes is important and will grow as disputes;

Step 11. In the training menu, you can still indicate players to specific exercises that will make them gain new attributes;

Step 12. Finally, be sure to log on daily MyClub mode. This will ensure daily bonus GPs and interesting items for your club.