PES 2016: Strategy guide

With our PES 2016 tips you get to know the basics of Konami's latest football simulation game. You can learn, for example, how to shoot corners and free kicks, what possibilities are there for the tactics settings and how can trigger offside traps. Before you start with the matches, you should first take a look at the various settings that can be made in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. In the team instruction settings, you can change the line-up, switch between game styles and set the attack area. In addition, you decide with which formation you want to play, how high the ability to press to turn out and how can change the positions of the kicker.

Our PES 2016 strategy guide will work all versions of the game - Xbox One, Xbox 360 PS4, PS3 and PC. Below will show you the system settings, for example where you changed the game speed. Thos who likes it a bit slower, they can change controller as to "-1". Some PES players feel the reduced speed game more realistic than the default of Konami. Which settings do you play PES 2016?

Controller Settings and Control

Before you begin with the first match in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, you should first make adjustments to the game controller. From the menu "Edit Personal Information" select key configuration. Here you can see all the buttons on the controller - regardless of whether sprinting, flanks, Slide Tackle, shooting or header. Those who familiar with the EA's FIFA controller and wants to play PES 2016, should select "control type 2" - the prefabricated button layout is similar to the control in FIFA. Individual keys can be assigned other functions as desired.

In the "Edit Personal Information" menu you change in the player selection. Here you decide whether the players are automatically changed at bobbling. Professional players turn off this option and run the Player changes manually. The pass assist in PES 2016 determines whether to assist you in the pass direction. Who turns the pass assist on, must always specify the direction in which the ball is to be played in the game. Otherwise, can quickly go into the void pass direction. The same applies to the "killer pass" type. When control kick you decide whether you want to control inverted or not.

At point "shot type" their sets, as the shot variants will turn out. Tip: Select Advanced Hobby Kicker "Advanced", must comply, including the positioning of the player, the shot power and the weft direction of the shot. In "Easy" take over the program a lot of the shot version. Delivery Destination helps you determine whether you want it to display a visual aid during the shot - or you can see which way the ball flies. Under "Automatic feints" and "Automatic sliding tackle" you set whether your fellow players to act automatically or off your entries. Do you choose in "Automatic sliding tackle" about semi-automatic, so defender can act in dangerous situations on his own. However, it may happen then that the computer indebted dangerous free kicks or even penalty. Do this from option if you want to take control over slide tackle completely by yourself.

At point "players control" you choose whether you want to control a second teammate with the right analog stick in the attack. This requires some training, turn out later but especially with locknuts and standard situations to be very useful. With this option, you give players instructions, in which direction they should run.

System Settings and Game Speed Change

About the screen "System Settings," choose individual options for "Match Screen Settings" and "Game Speed Settings". In game screen set its options for the interface in the game. Decide at what position should be at the radar, or whether you want to display the power display of football. In this menu, you shall also individually determine the colors of the home and visiting teams on the radar. Under "System Settings" and finally "game speed settings" you change the overall game speed. By default “0”. Tip: Many PES players set the value to -1, thereby slowing down the game. Try different settings and decide what speed you mostly like. Bear in mind that this only works in offline mode. The online settings are from 0.

Free Kicks and Penalty Shoot

Standard situations may be crucial play. Therefore penalty, free kicks and corner kicks should work extensively to hit it in the game capital.

Penalty Shoot

The penalty can be executed easiest. In a penalty you pull the left analog stick in the direction in which you want to shoot. Note that you will not move the stick all the way to the left or right, otherwise the hit ball almost gone forever. Do you want to shoot into the left corner, for example, you move the analog stick slightly to the left and hold the position. With the shot button it brings out the shot. Tip: The shot display should be filled as much as 80 percent no longer - if you shoot too much, the ball goes perhaps just over the crossbar.

Before the shot you can use the left stick for the goalkeeper position. Once the penalty is executed, he dives, using the left stick in a corner of the net. Many don’t get the penalty and therefore automatically shoot into the air.

Score with Fee Kicks

Make free kicks be tricky, but can be an effective way to get to the scoring. Follow the subsequent PES 2016 Tips. A menu at the top right corner of the screen shows you, among other things, the distance to the target. If the distance is less than 30 meters, try to shoot the ball directly into opponents' goal. Select the shooters with the best kick values. The dotted line shown indicates the trajectory of the ball. Use the left analog stick you miss the shot of a swirl and change the altitude, the right stick you changed the direction. With R2 (RT on Xbox) it fixes the trajectory.

The end of the line should point to the corner of the net, in which you want to shoot. Should the surplus be placed, it pushes the shot button briefly. Do you want to put more power into the shot, you push the button longer to fill the power gauge. Make sure that the bar is not more than 80 percent filled. By pressing the L2 button (LT on Xbox) you call a second player the free-kick. With L1 (LB on Xbox) and X (A on Xbox) you give the shooter a short presentation.

Fend Off Free Kicks

In the wall-placed player can jump with the circle button (B on Xbox), with square (X on Xbox) run the player out of the wall and the kick counter. The buttons should be pressed as soon as the free kick taker shoots the ball. To move the goalkeeper in one direction, push the triangle (Y on Xbox), and move the left analog stick.

Select Tactics and Formation

Before start the match in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, it is important to selecting the correct tactics. In the main menu before the start of the game change their line-up, tactics and formation. With the standard tactics option adjusts your team formations, individual player positions, types of coverage and also team instructions. In the latter case it determines the match alignment in possession.

In the strategy screen you get to see off the pitch, the line-up and substitutes your team. In this menu, you define, with which formation and tactics which you want to compete against the next opponent. With the L2 and R2 buttons (RT and LT on Xbox) you let yourself show player icons and symbols form position and overall rating. The form of the players is a distinction between Top, Good, Normal, Poor and worst / desolate. If a player is having poor form in your starting lineup, you should probably think about a replacement - if you can replace the player with another similarly strong one. Note that the shape of the player affects Shots and passes.

The shape of the player may vary according to performance during a game improve by one step - or worse. A scoring or template can improve the shape, while an own goal or a mistake that leads to a goal of your opponent, it can deteriorate.

The standard tactics in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is the ability to set a flexible installation. Do you choose this option "On", the formations at kickoff, in possession and without possession can be changed. As you finally set the tactics depends on your play style and of the respective game situations. Are you about the lead, it is recommended that individual players to summon for a possession to the defensive. The other way around you can also specify whether a defender is to run with the offensive. In each team you instructions also select the general attack range. Here you adjust for example, how high the defense is - so how far ahead of his own goal to move the defensive line. For example Bayern Munich’s defend is extremely high, Atlético Madrid plummets. You decide whether you want to play rather long or short passes. In "Team instructions when possession" you decide for offensive styles, construction, attack range and positional play. In the latter case the flexible option is recommended, because then the players remain on their positions are not static.

"Edit formation / position" For provide it with your accounts together. The values next to the players to show them to their respective total strength. Pay particular attention to their form on the day, because that is heavily dependent on how the player acts in the match. Display the days form down, you should think about the players to replace him with another. However, the differences in the overall classification should not be too large. Mark a player, pushing rectangle (X on Xbox), to display his locations. Depending on the position of the values can sometimes vary greatly. With the X-button (A on Xbox) Your player can move and placed freely on the pitch.

The Right Tactic

Which formation you use is up to your style of play. A standard formation that is suitable for both offensive and defensive style of play, is the 4-4-2 formation (four defensive and midfield players and two forwards). Highly recommended is a midfield diamond with a strong focus on wing play. To get an unpredictable, is back safe and can vary through the center front between wingers and pressure. However, formations with a 5-Midfield restrict your operating range very in the area around the center circle.

The back four in defense forms a good foundation, the defensive midfielder is important as support. Offensively you send your opponent’s midfielder on the wing or through the center forward. In attack, you should have a nimble sprinter. Who likes to play on the counterattack - select the 4-3-3.

Swallows, Super Control Offside Trap, Change Tactics 

To cancel an action in PES 2016 you press R1 + R2 together (LB + RB on Xbox). So you break off, for example, pass direction or Shot. The tactic can be changed with the Digipad during a game. Pressing on the directional pad left or right to either choose a more defensive or more attacking style of play. Let the defensive line in a counterattack chance move up quickly to trigger an offside trap. Here and skill is in demand: It depends mainly on the timing. Observe the opponent exactly when he plays the ball to trigger your offside trap.

PES 2016 can be re-run swallow. To perform the free flights, you press the same L1, L2 and the two analog sticks. In this case, your players usually drop on the abdomen just forward. But beware: The Swallows draw largely a yellow card - the referees whistle extremely strict! Therefore, you should definitely think twice about whether you used the swallows or not. The departure operates in running duels when attackers and defenders races parallel to each other and located in scramble. Nevertheless, the likelihood that you will bring out with swallows a free-kick is low.