PES 2016 vs PES 15 graphics comparison

PES 2016 is the new football simulator game from Konami available for PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. With the graphical improvements as the most promising for this year, the game presents considerable changes compared to its predecessor, PES 2015. Check out the pictures and see which title has the best visuals.

The presentation of the menus of the game is quite similar to the 2015 version, including the same options. Aside from the new colors to the buttons, the look is basically the same, and still practical and beautiful.

PES 2016: few visual changes in the menus

PES 2015 has menus similar to the successor

When starting a game, it's easy to notice that the introductory scenes were recycled from the previous version. In this case, even similar, it may notice several improvements in the franchise design, which is more vibrant and less washed than last year.

PES 2016 features more vivid and realistic colors than the previous title

PES 2015 loses to the successor when it comes to color 

The ball movement is also revamped in PES 2016, which displays a much more detailed. From grass texture to the climatic effects, everything was carefully crafted, which offers a neat aspect of the game.

PES 2016 has much more detailed environments than the previous game 

PES 2015 has less vividness in colors and details in the field 

The PES 2016 animations also impact heavily on players from the previous version, therefore, by themselves, they are able to make much smoother and realistic action. After trying the new game, the 2015 version looks a bit stuck.

PES 2016 brings smoother mechanics than PES 2015 

PES 2015 has less realistic movements than the new game in the franchise

The Zoom tool in moving athletes reveals beautifully designed models, including skin texture, hair and uniforms with different fabrics. The incidence of the rays of light and shadow over the athletes are also more beautiful, which creates impressive effects.

PES 2016: zoom, the game shows high quality in the character design 

Even with identical shirts, it's easy to see the superiority of PES 2016. Modeling the background, stadium roof details - and even the crowd - draw attention to the excellent graphics of the latest title.

PES 2015 has good graphics, but, as expected, are not better than the 2016

Another point always controversial, the crowd returns to PES 2016 with satisfactory news. Even without glaring changes, a careful analysis reveals less blurred than in the older games of the series. Also, it is easier to identify the presence of people who once seemed to have a great blot on them.

PES 2016 has better defined twisted than previous games 

PES 2015: the audience in the game still looks pretty blurry