Rocket League: Reduce Crashes / Lags / Ping while playing Online

Rocket League has become a competitive multiplayer video game and quite popular on PlayStation 4 and PC, with online multiplayer which may involve players from around the world. However, this diversity can also cause lag problems due to the distance between the participants of the match and lack of technical optimization in the user's network. Check out some actions to avoid the crash or slow it down:

Attention to Ping

At the end of a round of Rocket League you will see a number to the right of the name called ping, whose value can vary greatly. It essentially measures the time it takes for information to be sent from the server to the user.

The higher the ping, the more lag you will feel the matches. Rocket League works best with a rate of up to 20 or lower, and performance begins to be impaired at around 100 and the gameplay is impractical when you get 300.

Connect Physically

A good way to reduce the ping and lag is to connect the PlayStation 4 or PC directly to the router with a network cable. If you use wireless connection, there is some loss of speed in the exchange of information. The delay is small for casual users, but becomes significant in terms of competitive online multiplayer.

Select a server that's near to you

Once Rocket League launched, there are few options for servers and they are located in the United States and Europe, which cause much lag for Brazilian players because of the distance.

Thanks to the great success of the game, however, there are currently a server in South America. To access it, just select it in the "Region" area to get in the game.

Spikes in CPU

There is a known problem in Rocket League, both in the version of PlayStation 4 as PC, which involves peaks that cause the processor lag. On your computer, the more powerful the processor is, the less chance the problem affects performance. Therefore it is recommended to have at least more than 2 GHz Processor. In the PlayStation 4, there is no solution yet.

Disable other tasks and devices

Many devices can be connected to the internet without you realizing it and hurt your performance in online games. PCs, smartphones, portable video games and even the PlayStation 4, everyone can download updates automatically or download images and videos on message boards. Make sure that these electronics and applications are not in use as they eat up your bandwidth and clog the network.