Strategies for Survive in SOMA, horror adventure game

The death around every corner can lurk in SOMA and you gotta prove strong nerves to survive in this horror-adventure game. The most disgusting creatures and monsters chasing you deep in the sea and all what you can do however, is to flee and hide. Your chances of survival increase with our survival tips.

On your journey of discovery in a research station deep in the sea, you get smaller puzzles and try to go as far as possible out of the monsters’ way that lurks in the dark corridors. In our guide, we give you tips on how you will deal with the monsters and how you can stay alive.

SOMA: Monster - Survival tips

Like in the Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you will also encounter various Monsters in SOMA and you have to defend yourself against them. You have no weapons or other items to the defense. All what you can do is run away, and hide. You will get to do it only with a kind of monsters at once. There are ways to find out if a monster is near:

- Your screen begins to be blurred and distorted the picture here and there, a monster is located nearby.
- If you're not just to dive in the sea, you can perceive well the moaning and the steps of creatures in the vicinity, if you listen carefully.
- Also the music setting gives you instructions: it is louder, a creature has noticed you. It really turns on, it coming straight at you. So prepare to defend yourself.

You have been discovered by a monster, it helps to duck and to turn off the flashlight. Just the monsters at the beginning can thus easily shake off. The creatures in later levels are already attentive. Never staring directly in the monsters’ eye, because this also affects your State, while the screen is blurred.

You open doors to new areas, almost always a Monster will be alerted. Here, it may help to sit out the thing in a dark lair in the new area, until the monster stops to look. Don't forget this, that Monster can open doors!


There are no classic life bars in SOMA. According to Monster, hold 2-4 strikes before you die. Will you be attacked by a monster, your image is blurred something and you become slower. To heal yourself, stay tuned for these biomechanical organisms, as you can see it in the picture below. You put your hand there and are healed again and the screen is again hot.

Sometimes you'll also knock out of monsters. In such a case you awaken again shortly afterwards in the same place, while the monster in the vicinity. Then continue to be on your guard, otherwise it attacks again. You, die you have to start again on the last automatic save point. A save operation, you realize the logo which is then displayed right below. You may create any manual storage points in SOMA! For the last 18 checkpoints in the game are stored.