Super Mario Maker: Unlock all Editor Tools / Items quickly

Learn how to unlock all editor tools in Super Mario Maker (Wii U) quickly. After patch 1.01 the daily limit for new level layouts, set and editor tools has been removed. The Mario-kit for Wii U will start only with basic equipment as tools for the level editor. We show you how you can unlock fast the remaining editor tools.

With patch 1.01 Super Mario Maker Nintendo introduced a small change. Accordingly, the moving van with new editor tools for level building block appears earlier. After the "Coming Soon" indication for new items and tools appear, it proceeds as follows:

Ensure that you have used all the elements from the tool list at least once. Warning: You do not need all the items and modules in your current level used simultaneously. Just makes sure that no red exclamation mark is displayed when new items placed.

Now you simply placed about 500 items with your stylus in the level. You can place them at random and changed between times between the items. Note: Per cheat code in Level screen you will unlock the Classic TV mode.

Eventually appears the moving van with the message "A delivery is earlier than expected arrived." and new tools, level sets and layouts are unlocked. After a quarter of an hour another message appears stating that new elements for the editor will be "Available soon". Ensure that you use all the new elements at least once and then placed back indiscriminately plenty of blocks. This you can repeat as many times you want. After 500 blocks placed the game recognizes your work and gives you new tools at your fingertips.