Tips to help you win every game in Madden NFL 16

As usual in the franchise, the basis for success in Madden NFL 16 is the same as the previous titles: very quick thinking.

Do the work out and challenges

Madden NFL 16 has more challenges than ever. Work out to get the hang of the new commands, especially in the passes and also to have a good reception of the ball. Mechanical offensive changed (and improved), and with practice you will get used quickly.

To get the hang of the game don’t venture on the hardest level, even if you are a player with some experience. These awesom changes make all the difference in the game, and without the proper training, you will probably lose badly if you decide to put the match on the higher difficulties.

Understand how each pass works

In Madden NFL 15, there are only two types of passes: the traditional weak over his opponent; “Lob Pass” and “Bullet Pass”, that stronger, right on the athlete's hand. This edition contains these two, and three unpublished movements. There is a quick tutorial at the beginning of it, then try to learn and understand when to use each.

Meet the players

Watch NFL, or search also within the game to find out the best (and worst) features of its players. In this Madden, that makes the biggest difference. The quarterbacks (specialists in short passes), for example, are much better bids, but sin in long passes.

Analyze well the playbook

The use of the plays "recommended" is the simplest way to do attack and defense in Madden, but it is very limited. Use it only during your first step. Then call your own plays and seek to understand the position of each player and surprise opponents with manual adjustments.

Be patient, but quick to reason

The key is knowing how to control the time and have eyes always open. Not much hold the ball to the quarterback, but pass upon starting the routes of receivers. On defense, change player only when you are sure where the ball is going. So, avoid sacks, interceptions and marking holes, respectively.

Vary your play style

Of course, every player and every team has a preferred style. But that does not mean you should stick only to that. It is important to vary the plays, whether in passing or running style, attack, or zone blitz or man to man defense.

Play the Franchise mode

One of the best ways to learn all of these is to play the game in Franchise mode. There, it is possible to train, play, observe players, analyze performance of players and teams in virtual competition and more. Do this before venturing into the Ultimate Team or Draft Champions.

Online games

In the first few attempts, you probably will lose. But compete online games, as this is where the "real Madden" happen. There are much "addicted" people out there and play against human opponents you can learn more. Of course, practice offline, but when already with basic / intermediate notions, take the skills test in online mode.