Unlock Titan Sunbreaker in Destiny The Taken King

Destiny The Taken King Unlock Titan Sunbreaker - how it works

So you can start the quest line to unlock the Titan Sunbreaker, first you have to complete the story mission of the add-ons. Then go as follows:

- Make your way to Commander Zavala in the tower and talk to him. From him you get the quest “A March of Fire”.

- Your path leads you to the Venus into the Ishtar commons.

- Here you have to fight with a horde of Vex.

- At the end waits the Hydra Ultra an end boss, which is not to difficult to deal with, if you're level 34 he constantly invokes smaller Vex, therefore you should try to kill him quickly and don’t waste much time on the mini-boss.

- This mission is over once you have defeated the Boss and you will learn that the Sunbreakers are on Mercury and then you will automatically be transferred to next to the stage of the game - Burning Shrine.

- It is important to pass the Sunbreaker challenge and align the beam of light again to ignite the forge. In the ensuing cutscene you become the conqueror and get the hammer of Sol.

- It is now a series of Vex with your fire-breathing Hammer you can take them out easily.

- After completing the mission you can return to Commander Zavala and receive the Sunbreaker’s Mark.