Walking Dead Road To Survival beginner's guide (Android/iOS)

The Walking Dead Road To Survival is now an exciting game app for Android and iOS, in which you can take on the role of a hero of the comic and TV series.

Here you can find an overview of the best tips and tricks for The Walking Dead: Road To Survival. The app can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is a mix of building simulation and role-playing game. The game engages directly the action, got to see in the second season, the connoisseurs of TV series: the conflict with the governor and his subjects in Woodbury.

The first step is to build your base to train skills for battle. There is also a role playing, evolved over the team and its your fight against enemy.

The game consists of three types of missions:

- In the raids you fight against real players from around the world to climb with victories in the world rankings.

- As you progress though the story you have to complete various missions and tasks.

- Use the map to reach its additional tasks, which provide primarily new rewards, weapons and items. 

The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips for Building

The basic structure is a core element of The Walking Dead: Road To Survival.

- In order to bring the building to a higher level and to open a new field for additional building, initially the town hall must be expanded.

- To ensure that no resources are wasted, the material stock should also be upgraded regularly.

- In the workshop, items can be made, which can use in the fight.

The Walking Dead - Road To Survival: Tips for the attack

In the battle mode, your team is made up of up to six participants. Each member has unique characteristics with different core strengths.

- Before fighting against the biters or human opponent you often can see their skills. So you can select your team according to the opponent's skills.

- By using the icon on the screen you can also bring the skills of your troops to the screen once again. Select the weapons in accordance with the abilities.

- In the battle screen enemies can be attacked selectively with a finger tip. About the arrow at the bottom of the screen the fighting can be taken over by the AI.

- Generally, always attack the opponent who is closest.

- With the "noise" can be particularly strong attacks are used. Look away the noise, for the most critical moments.

- Biters are behind walls and other obstacles; do not send out your melee, use ranged weapons.