Advantages / Disadvantages of Digital media on Xbox One / PS4

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have virtual stores where users can buy various types of content, including versions of all games released for consoles on physical media. We have prepared a list with the advantages and disadvantages of the titles available in digital format, downloaded and installed on the hard drive of the devices.

You bought your new console now and are curious to learn more about digital media, in addition to the pros and cons? Check out the following comparative guide formats and draw your own conclusions:



Simply access the stores of consoles to give nothing less than the complete list of games ever released for the devices. Titles are also well organized, and have pictures, videos and even demo versions to help in the purchase.

Affordable price

Constantly updated, the digital stores bring several promotions with very affordable games. It is not rare to find games for a third of the value seen in shops, paying real credit card, or through the gift cards sold in stores.


Switch between dozens of titles without having to get off the couch or look for boxes and insert a disc on the island is a real blessing. With just a few clicks, you'll be in the menus, ready to play.

Protected games

Who never missed a game due to scratches or cracked? With digital media all your titles are fully protected, as they are saved to your account, and can also be downloaded again if a problem occurs on the console or you have deleted by mistake.


One of the biggest disadvantages of digital copies is the inability to resell games that the user has finished or did not like.

For resell the games, it would be necessary to give full of your own, with all the saves, achievements, friends and username.

Downloads can be time consuming

Downloads are very practical, so when you have access to a good internet speed. Middleweight titles easily pass the 30 GB, and take forever for download in more modest connections. Not to mention the cases of corrupt files and repeatedly interrupted downloads.

No box or manual

Even with all the advantages and low, some players just can’t let go of the boxes and manuals exclusive comes with hard copies. This makes it easier to "bear" any collection, which can even be used as a beautiful decoration.

Unable to borrow

With the popularity of digital media, the tradition of lending games to friends suffered a hard impact. You can even log into different accounts, however, the system is impractical and too limited to prevent multiple islands in the same profile of Xbox Live or PSN.