Assassin's Creed - Syndicate: Illustrations location

Find out all collectibles, including Illustrations, pressed flowers and beer bottles, in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

Illustrations, pressed flowers and beer bottles are among the most numerous collection items in the action adventure. Unlike the London secrets these are relatively easy to detect. To find them quickly, a visit to the nearest dealer is recommended, because they sell you treasure maps for all types of collectibles. You recognize the locations of dealers in the small pound symbols on the map. To be able to afford you the treasure maps, complete many missions or open chests. Moreover, the dealer has also treasure maps for the chests on offer.

How many artifacts have been collected in each of their district, you recognize even if you scroll on the map to the area concerned. In the display on the left you can see then a checklist.

Treasure map for illustrations

For the locations of all illustrations you need the treasure map London tourist guide for 5,000 pounds. All illustrations are recorded in the form of a list of icons on your map. However, you must have the respective areas previously uncovered by Lookout, to display the icons. Illustrations usually hang on walls in side streets.

Treasure map for Pressed Flower

For the locations of all pressed flowers you need the treasure map The Book of Flowers by the merchant. This you can acquire for 5,000 pounds. Show up in explore areas of the location in the form of flowers symbols on the map. Can be found in London in various places.

Treasure map for Beer Bottles

For beer bottles, you need the treasure map 1868 Beer Tasting Guide for 5,000 pounds. In explored areas the localities are displayed in the form of a bottle symbol. Beer bottles are always in corner bars, behind the bar.


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