Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Music Boxes Locations

In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate there again you will find plenty of collectibles. Among them are the "Secrets of London," which are scattered around the London City. In our guide we will show you all the location of these Secrets and also the Aegis’ outfits for Evie, which you gain at the end as a reward.

Assassin's Creed - Syndicate: London Secrets - Music Boxes Locations

There are a total of 32 music boxes, which are spread over all seven districts of London. The music boxes also include Assassin emblems, a door to a treasure map.. Upon entering the basement, Reuge’s Vault, the associated quest starts and you are allowed to collect the music boxes. However, these are not marked on the map, but must be found manually. You will receive only a little help when you approach on 15 meters of a music box, for then you will hear its melody. Once you have reached 5 meters, then it will mark on the mini map. The following figure shows the location, where the secret Reuge’s Vault is.

After you have found all 32 music boxes, return to the secret Reuge’s Vault and set the emblems in the appropriate devices. For the completion of this quest you will gain 4,000 experience points. In addition, the vault opens in the center, where the Aegis’ outfits as a reward for Evie is waiting for you. This has the following bonuses:

- Reduces suffered melee damage by 10%.
- Reduces suffered ranged damage by 10%.
- Increases the damage you wreak with its stick dagger by 10%.

Achievement "Godlike"

Upon completion of the quest, you also earn the achievement / trophy Godlike.