Assassin's Creed: Syndicate useful tips

Here we give you some useful tips and tricks that can optimize your approach in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

Table of Contents

Combat / Fight
Stealth / Crawl
Evie and Jacob
Money (game currency)
Gear Upgrades

Combat / Fighting tips

- The open battle is rarely the best solution. Try to take many enemies undetected with your hidden blade.
- First seek out the weak enemies in fist fight. Mark them with the eagle vision. The number above their heads corresponds to their level.
- Simply defeat individual enemies first and then counter attacks. You have to do more only when you encounter large groups.
- Utilize smoke and electrical bombs. These keep your enemies on the Block.
- Blocks can be break even following a counterattack.

Stealth / Crawl

- Each character has a camouflage wearing that facilitates crawl. Equip them on the upgrade menu.
- Headshot with throwing knives are useful to kill enemies silently and immediately, unless your opponents are not too strong. Diameter improved their means of money and resources.
- Whistle to attract opponents to your place. This does not work in groups, as they pursue closed the noise source.
- Hidden and useful items such as hay bales and hanging barrels, will be displayed with the eagle eye.
- Even your enemies mark with the eagle vision in order to always have an eye on. - With the appropriate upgrade they are visible through walls.
- Eliminate first scout (eye icon) since this can gain call.
- Attempt to off alarm / bells in the area. Thus, the remaining guards are not called into action.
- The noise display in sneak mode shows you nearby enemies without eagle eye.

Evie and Jacob

- The two characters share money and experience points. However, inventory and skills you need to manage separately.
- You get experience points for completed missions. When the bar is filled in the lower left corner, you can get a skill point.
- The more skills you will buy, the upgrade menu, the higher your level.
- All items need a certain level in order to use them.
- Mission’s challenges will give you bonus money and XP. However, these are so low that you don’t have to stiffen it.
- Collectibles and certain challenges also give experience points.

Money (game currency)

- Complete missions and side quests to get fast money.
- Build the vault from the train via the speed upgrade menu, so you'll get more money at the same time by revenue.
- Fill your inventory before each mission to the merchants. This is something expensive, but pays off in the missions.
- Save your money when produced weapons. Complete prefer missions that keep ready both money and weapons as a reward.


- Leverage Lookouts for synchronization. For this you will receive not only a quick trip point, but look at all activities nearby.
- In the city you will meet your sympathizers. Complete their missions, unlock their weapons, blueprints and equipment.
- Collectibles appear on the minimap when you're in the vicinity.
- The best means of transportation (after the fast travel) is the coach. Use the grappling hook only to go on building or traveling over the roofs.
- The conquest of district reduces Blighter’s activity and switches new objects freely.


- Materials for the production gets you into the coffers of the city. Buy yourself a card to the retailer, to track them all.
- Provide weapons and clothing only forth when they are significantly better than your present equipment. In most cases, you will receive strong items in missions.
- Except for the medicine upgrades you need no further upgrades. Take only those who adapt to your play style.
- Complete memories of your sympathizers or plunders special chests, get you special construction materials for the best items.

Gear upgrades

Here we show you briefly, on which you should focus your upgrades. All others are optional or rather have too little effect on your game.

City takeover – Reduce the cost of all further upgrades
Rook Training
Police corruption


The same applies to the skills, which you can purchase for Evie and Jacob Frye.

Increased finds in crates
Health Upgrades
Eagle Eye Upgrades
Intimidation (later in the game)