Destiny: Unlock Sleeper Simulant - guide

The hunt for the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny: The Taken King begins. Bungie has released the Quest series for the exotic fusion rifle. In the following guide, we describe you step by step how you can unlock the weapon.

A puzzle piece seems the conclusion recently unlocked mission "The First Firewall". This takes place in Old-Russia held on Earth and leads you again by Rasputin's bunker. If the above-mentioned mission does not show up with you, it may be because that your light level is inadequate or not enough Dvalin relics. The latter is fragments of legendary fusion rifles, which can be exchanged for reputation with arms dealer Banshee.

A total of four Dvalin relics are needed to start the new quest series for hunting on the Sleeper Simulant. Unfortunately, does not reveal a Destiny, how many Dvalin relics have been collected to date. Dvalin Relics receive as a random drop from slain enemies. We recommend playing Heroic Strikes. Important note: The mission is in an event-rotation and is therefore not every day can be selected! This was announced by Bungie via Twitter:

In "The First Firewall," you possessed the Level 41 need to fight and gain at the end as a reward the legendary relic Curious transceiver, which enables its mystery by giving the following four codes / passwords.

- 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 2
- 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 1
- 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 1
- 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1

Legend: 1 = Upper row, 2 = Bottom row

Ikelos Fusion Core - The Challenges

Once you have you done, you turned on the earth with "Shadow Call" another quest. Once you have fulfilled this task, there's a reward to exotic weapons core "Ikelos Fusion Core". In the detailed view is revealed to you that Ikelos Fusion Core consists of five nuclei that can unlock only when you have met certain requirements.

- Ionized Shell Harmonics - Completed the archive Mision on Venus
- Heavy Power Coupling - Decompose a legendary / exotic heavy weapon
- Plasma Confinement Control Module 1 - Participate in a public war satellite event on Earth
- Plasma Confinement Control Module 2 - Embark on a public war satellite event on the Moon
- Plasma Confinement Control Module 2 - Embark on a public war satellite event on Mars

When the public events start in Destiny: The Taken King, you can find out here:

The Final Step

Once you have met all, you may have "Ikelos Fusion Core" the armorer Banshee passed. He lets you know that it needs time to repair the weapon core. Waiting for the daily reset and go back to Banshee in the tower. He gives you the quest "The Sleeper Stirs" that leads you again to the earth. The aim is to complete the Strike Fallen SABER on the light level 280 with the modifier "Epic". Once you take the boss at the end of the strike, you will receive as a reward the Sleeper Simulant Weapon frame. Then return back to Banschee and you'll get your reward Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle (attack value: 290).