Dropsy - complete guide ( PC / Mac / Linux)

The odyssey of the misunderstood Clowns Dropsy starts with a brief introduction to the recent events of his life. Through a tragic accident Dropsy loses his beloved mother in the fire. The townspeople believe that Dropsy has accidentally killed his mother. Once you are able to control the tragic hero, you have to run this by a bizarre, almost psychedelic dream from left to right. Once you have come to the end of the dream, you wake up and return to the real world.

Dropsy is now awake and is greeted by his sweet little dog. In the top bar you can switch between Dropsy and the dog. Raise Dropsy with the image under the floor and moves to the right. Glimpse in the refrigerator to take a bite of food - this will be in the next room and you need to get past the aggressive chicken. Leave the quirky dwelling of clowns.

- Dropsy pays a visit to Mother's Grave

Outside you are greeted by your father, who tells you that today is the birthday of your dead mother. You can go to your mother's grave with some small gifts to commemorate her birthday. After the green-haired old father has given you this information, you leave the area immediately. Your animal companion makes you aware that you have forgotten another gift for your mother. This is located under a mound of earth, which you can use your dog to dig it to find, an old sock.

Now leave the place to the right and you will find a squirrel. If you now go to the north, you will meet the aggressive chicken. Link is located in a small pond, a fish, whose heart seems to have been broken. Back on the Map with the squirrel you go right ahead. Soon, you will be on a playground. There is a small boy will run away from your presence. Just as the little girl sitting in the meadow, also Dropsy on the reaction of the little boy is now sad.

But let the first time in Page and proceed to the right. Now you stand in the city in front of a road which follows you to the right. Then go north to get deeper into the city. You see here a man in costume cock you pass him to the right. Then go north and then to the left to go to the cemetery.

The grave of the Dropsy’s deceased mother at the far right. To commemorate the anniversary of the beloved mother, place the family photo and the sock on the grave. The day is done for today and the clown faithful dog tells you that it is time to return home.

Once you find yourself back on the map with the circus tent, then go to the nest of the chicken that stole tire from your father’s and click on the tires. However, you realize quickly that Dropsy arms are too short to get there.

- Walking Around the City

So going back to the city. Here you are looking at the shop in front of which stands a man in chicken costume. Use hugging icon at the costumed man - who will answer you with aversion and flees into the store. Since Dropsy concerns about the man he follows him into the store.

Inside you will witness how the man in costume cock and leaves mighty upset the store. Outside you should try to appease the man with an embrace with Dropsy again. This now finally burst the collar and he throws you the head of the cock in front and going mad from thence. You proceed to the nest of the hen.

Here you should now put the faucet head and wait for the response of the chicken. The hen will immediately keep you for a young attractive Hahn and pick you up to the nest. Grab the tire quickly and get rid of the faucet. Then go back to the ground and to your father. This will be incredibly grateful to you and bring you as a reward with your work.

After a short stay on the Dixi Loo, and a small indication of the physical condition of the father, go straight to a goal. This will open a further bizarre shape for Dropsy and his father. Not far away you will do acquaintance with the employer of the father. He is anything but delighted with the news that your father is sick and thus his work cannot continue. While the boss has his outburst, you go left into the next area.

- Rescue Mousy

You see here how a small sweet mouse is threatened by an incredibly ugly and hungry rat. Once Dropsy tries to approach the rat he will stop at nothing but fear. Move your clown therefore left to the next map. Change to your faithful dog and dig with him off the sand hills to discover a secret storage. Now Dropsy can grab the key and open the lock on the refrigerator. But before you go back to the previous map, serve quickly even the flashy computer. Here you can anyway perform only one action to bring the scrap to step 2.

Go back now and use the key in the refrigerator. Here the sight of endless, almost rotten, bread is there. Take it and put it on the plate in front of you. Not long will it take and the rat is attracted by food. While he is busy, you sneak past him and go to the switch on the left - the light should be green. Now you get yourself again some of the food in the fridge and put this on the right-hand plate.

The rat is returned to his original position. Now click on the device in the trunk of the car. Initially press the right button and then the left to draw the locking arm to you. Now use to fill the right button to the arm with scrap. If you now use the left button, the locking arm is filled up the bathtub located upset and let them fall on the rat. Dropsy has managed to catch the rat and the mouse has helped. The little mouse will be so grateful that he wants to be a faithful companion from now on.

- Medicine for Dad

Go to the map back to the boss of your father and switch to mouse. Since the mouse is a very small and delicate creature, he can slip into many small holes, thus proving to be extremely helpful. Slip as a mouse lying there between the bricks and get hold of another item. Now if you go to your father, the sick man will bring you back home. You have arrived in front of the circus tent, you will witness the collapse of the green-haired clown. Dropsy father is seriously ill in bed and watching over him. It quickly becomes clear that your hero must do something. It is now inevitable to get some medicine for the sick father. Make your way for it in the city.

Once you come to the main road, go in the dark all the way to the right to get to a building which is to apparently represent a kind of laboratory or pharmacy. Dropsy gets no pill for his father during the day, so he has to try to get it in any other way. Thus, once the night falls, he can use the mouse to go in the small gap at the building.

Go to the switch and pressing the button to open the front door. Return to Dropsy and switch back to him. Now enter the building as a clown and jump back in the shape of the mouse. Go to the right and then on through the open slot in the wall. You access to a room with two robots that serve the current mode as guardians.

Fit in crossing the room to not be detected by the laser beam of the robot. In the first area you move the mouse on the table top up to the monitor. Wait here until you targeted the robot and then run the laser it. Once you have done it correctly, the beam will destroy the monitor and unlock the door for Dropsy.

- The miracle pill (cake)!

Go as a mouse in the second area of the space and then through the tube up to the grid in the shaft. Return now back to the grid will fall and form a sort of bridge to the anesthetized patient. Over the bridge to move to another screen - this you destroy in the same manner as before.

Now you've done it, to open the glass casing of the miracle pill. Move it into the small barred intermediate section and click the cocktail glass icon to change the mode of the robot. This will no longer act as guard and therefore no longer apply its laser beams. Back to Dropsy leads the clown in the open passage to the pill collect it and bring the medicine to your sick father in time.

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