FIFA 16: Most Effective Tactics to score Corner / Edge Goals

A direct kick is not always the best to score goals in professional league football matches. Rather skilled players often work on the corners and edges of the playing field and score impressive goals. In FIFA 16 corners and flanking maneuvers are also very effective.

A corner is always a chance for a goal. Therefore, you should be particularly careful and follow the tactics below:

- You have three ways to kick from the flank. Pressing once on the cross button (X or square) for a high flank, twice for a half-height and three times for a very gentle slope.
- Always kick in the corner of the door, which is on the side of your player's strong foot. So the ball is more difficult to hold, because it rotates.
- Move the camera before the shot a little from the gate away.
- Uphold the shot button and fill the bar with about three fields and hold the left stick up
- If you engage in a corner, you can control the player with the shoulder buttons.
- With LT / R2 players can call for a corner and run short corners.
- The right analog stick changes the received player.
- If you aim the flank in the direction of the door and press the shot button, you can execute a header. If the ball is close to the flank ground, perform pressing the shot button from a volley.

If you have no professional headers on the team, you can also shoot distance corners. For this purpose, you need a free player before the penalty box, which is in a line to the corner flag. With two to three fields shot strength you should be able to shoot the ball so well.

FIFA 16: The Trick with the Flanks

Instead of a corner you can also try your lucky on the flanks at the gate and so outmaneuver the defender. As with the corner also use the X or square keys. The shooting power remains moderate, because otherwise you might shoot too far or too short.

- (Press twice flanks key) use semi-high edges at the near post.
- Pressing three times the button edge leads to a rapid and strong flat pass to the middle of your player lineup.
- Use the left stick can further supplement your edge.