FIFA 16: Score Goals from Long Distance / Shooting tips

Here you will find some useful tips for scoring goals from long distance in FIFA 16. (Longshot tutorial /Learn how to score goals from long distance / shooting tricks)

If you want to shoot from a distance, you should not blindly kick it. Thus, the ball wriggles well outside the box after a shot on the net, you should consider some factors.

- Wait till the player controls the ball and don’t shoot from the Sprint.
- The shooter should have enough space to the sides and front of him.
- Keep outside the box, pressed the shot button (B / Circle) and fill approximately 50- 75% or three excess bars.
- It is difficult to control the ball if you kick harder.
- Of course you should not blindly select a player as distance shooters.
- Pay attention to a player who brings high values for the shot power and accuracy to shoot from the distance.

In the arena, you have the best way to train long-distance goals and you should aim at the goal when shooting from a distance. Keep the left stick when shot in the corresponding direction.