FIFA 16: Ultimate Team - improve chemistry rating

The team chemistry refers to the connection between the individual players on the court and is designated by a value from 0 to 100. The lower the value, the worse the team plays together. If you condemned a team pepper with players from more than 80 votes, and only one Chemistry value of 50, you fail. So you should start to focus a team with a weaker star / player ratings place and build the team's first in terms of team chemistry.

A bad chemistry manifests itself in increased false passports, false walkways and lack of interaction.

- Shown is the team chemistry by the value in the upper right side overview.
- In addition, you can see through the green, yellow or red lines on the field in the formation, which players good or bad harmonize.

The team chemistry can be improved by various factors, resulting from the player values and properties. Positive for the chemical value are:

- Players of the same nationality next to each other
- League players
- Players Club
- Nationality and league coach
- Correct position of the player

FIFA 16: Ultimate Team - improved chemistry

Thus you get the highest possible value for the team chemistry in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, you should consider the following when team building:

- Don’t build your team blindly, but considering before you purchase the first player, in what league or nation you want to focus.
- To get team chemistry to 100, you can, on the one hand a national of a particular nation, regardless of the league or a team made up of players of a league together without regard to nationality.
- In addition, it does not break the chemical value down when you incorporate a single player from a completely different league and nation in your harmonious team.
- Stay tuned for the establishment. In a 4-4-2 system as no ZOM- and ZDM players are provided, the optimal value can be achieved with chemical ZMs.

Examples of improvements in the Team Chemistry:

- Ronny (Hertha BSC, Bundesliga, Brazil) and Emil Forsberg (RB Leipzig, 2. Bundesliga, Sweden) bad together, since neither nation nor league and club match. The position is, however, shown in green, since both are used to their position shown on the map.
- Davie Selke (RB Leipzig, Germany, 2. Bundesliga) and Maximilian Beister (FSV Mainz 05, Germany, Bundesliga) get because of their matching nation an orange line, they harmonize something, but not very well with each other.
- With Kirchhoff from Bayern Beister plays together top because both come from Germany and the Bundesliga play.
- The coach does not have any positive impact on the chemistry, because no Polish player is used.