FIFA 16: Worst and Lowest Rated Players - Ultimate Team

FIFA 16 is filled with most promising and high potential players, but also has space reserved for low rated or less talented players who work for lower league teams. Available in online matches and Ultimate Team mode, these players are poor choices for those who want to do well in the EA Sports’ latest football game.

We have listed ten players with the worst attributes of all the championships in FIFA 16.

Corey Shepard

The young midfielder Wales was awarded the position of worst player of the 2016 version of the game. With only 17 years, it is hard not to be amazed by the weak attributes of Corey, he lacks offensive and defensive qualities.

Danny Clifton

Newport County player, Danny works through field and points for being slow, have bad touch ball and bad long distance kick. Even the physical attributes won’t save the young Englishman in Fifa 16.

Aidan O'Kelly

Even acting in a region of very specific lawn, O'Kelly should not be the choice of many virtual coaches to fill the vesicant position on their teams. Englishman is not too slow, but certainly leaves an avenue for faster attackers at right-back.

Sam Warburton

The Warburton is handed over one of the worst players in the game and plays for lowly Northampton, England. The left side is weak in all attributes that an athlete needs to have that position, and ensures a lot of headaches for his teammates with his bad ball control.

Lee Marshall

Another England midfielder, Marshall is still young and can evolve much, but if depend on your virtual version of FIFA 16, the player should not get to stand in local leagues. With chronic difficulties in time to finish, whether near or far, it’s better to stay away from him.

Ryan Horne

Horne, Cambridge United, is another example of the terrible future of English football. Despite the slight ease of kicking with both legs, the player is a poor dribbler, and should not excite even the most optimistic virtual trainer.

Ellis Redman

Player Newport County, Ellis Redman is a classic defender, so if we don’t consider his dreadful defensive skills. It is also worth mentioning the very low power completion of Welsh, which does not reach 20 points.

Dafydd Jones

The wing of Newport County is the only list to overcome the 70 points of speed, but that's no reason to become highlighted. The left-handed "pay" his fast pace with bad kick, inaccurate passes and lousy releases.

Lewis Bamford

Closing the strong presence of the Newport County in the list, the left side Lewis Bamford displays some impressive numbers, which when combined result in poor quality, either in defense or in supporting the attack.

Josh Cooke

Be the tenth placed on the list does not make Josh Cooke better than others. The Swindon Town player is the worst striker around the game, thanks to serious problems with him, header and dribble.