Forza 6 vs Driveclub best rain effects - comparison

Forza Motorsport 6 landed on store shelves recently and is already the subject of comparisons to other racing video games in the genre. The YouTube channel MotoGamesTV produced a comparative video between rain effects Forza 6 for Xbox One, and Driveclub, launched exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2014.

Pleases note that the two games have an important technical gap for comparative purposes: both run at 1080p, but Forza 6 is the one to deliver an experience at 60 frames per second, while Driveclub can only run at 30 fps.

In the video, both games have shown absurd graphic quality, but Driveclub features rain effects closer to reality. That's because the title of the Sony has a dynamic weather system that changes as the player's progress in the race.

On the other hand, Forza 6 has puddles allocated to specific points on the track to hinder maneuverability in certain passages - which, in fact, increases the level of difficulty of gameplay - as in Driveclub, the whole circuit is wet. In Forza 6 water also appear to be more realistic.

The difference between the physics of raindrops falling on the vehicle's windshield can also easily be noticed in the video. Forza 6 shows the same sequence of drops on the screen, because of the absence of climate and dynamic time. Driveclub in turn, exhibits random sprinkles similar to real life.

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