Halo 5: Guardians useful tips / strategy guide

Here are some useful tips to assist you in the fight against the Forerunners and the Alliance in Halo 5: Guardians.

- Your position in both the single player is crucial to direct the battle against your enemy in your favor. It is always recommended to set a withdrawal point and seek an elevated position. There you are much better protected against attacks and can benefit from a better overview of the area. In the campaign, there is almost every battle at least one site that gives you a clear advantage.

- Find all collectibles; there are 117 Intel Items and 13 Hidden Skulls that are hidden on the maps of the single-player campaign? Check out our guide and we'll show you where you can find them all.

- Your team may not have the best AI companions, but you may be able to coordinate, at least provisionally with your own commands. Use for the D-pad button up and you can order them to attack your enemies from another side, to take them in a pincer movement to climb vehicles and to take better weapons.

- Once you have cleared an area, look around for a new weapon. Almost at every turn there are new weapons in corresponding weapon rack. And almost always found on a secluded plateau a good sniper rifle. No reason to walking around the entire campaign with the same weapon.

- The game saves at checkpoints on a regular basis and you can choose yourself if you want to save the last point again separately. So take the opportunity and save your gameplay.

- Of course, it's fun, with the Spartan Stampede or other melee attacks to take the enemy rows apart. But just on the legendary difficulty, you make yourself so often a laughing stock. Therefore, never underestimate the need for collateral. Especially when you get to do it with half an army or have to compete against the Eternal guards, it is almost impossible to survive without good coverage.