Lowrider Car Tuning tips: GTA Online - Benny's Motorworks

In Lowrider DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online you have the opportunity to equip your vehicle with additional tuning parts. These include hydraulic transmission or lowered chassis for the perfect lowrider feel. In our tuning guide we'll show you the full extent of the modifications in Lowrider DLC of GTA 5.

Benny's original Motorworks is now available in GTA Online. In the new workshop you can modify your own Lowrider and prove as much style on the streets of Los Santos. We will show you how you can approach to it in our Tuning Guide below.

The new tuning workshop located in Strawberry, just south of the Olympic Freeway. It offers you custom lowrider modifications; however, you can install the new Lowrider components only in certain carts. Which cars can be modified and how much they cost, you can see below:

Vapid Chino: $ 225,000
Albany Primo: $ 9,000
Declasse Moonbeam Van: $ 32,500
Willard Faction: $ 36,000
Albany Buccaneer: $ 29,000
Declasse Voodoo: $ 5,500

The declasse Moonbeam and Willard Faction are two brand-new vehicles, the first roll with the Lowrider DLC from the stack. The former may even be fired from the back seat with two-handed weapons.
Lowrider Car Tuning, Tips, GTA Online, Benny's Motorworks
Before you access to Benny's original Motorworks, you must wait for the call from Lamar, who can unleash a war between the gangs of Ballas and the Vagos in eight new missions to the lowrider scene in Los Santos. After the mission community outreach eventually, you have full access to the tuning capabilities of Lowrider DLC.

With one of the vehicles listed above you can now go to Benny's and begin tuning. However, you have to upgrade your vehicle initially for Custom Variant, before you make changes. The declasse about Voodoo, proposes in the Custom Variant with $ 420,000. Only then you can also install additional components.

The vehicles you can completely customize according to your requirements and equip them with the following tuning parts:

Lowrider Car Tuning, Tips, GTA Online, Benny's Motorworks

Steering wheels
Gear lever
Bobble heads
Rear window signs
Desired license plates
License plate holder
Sound equipment
Custom finishes

The possibilities of tuning in Lowrider DLC are much better and Benny also told that he might also provide tuning options for other cars in the future.


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