Metal Gear Online 3 all playable maps overview

We have created a list of five playable maps that are available in multiplayer Metal Gear Online 3 (MGO3). You will find different areas, for example, desert area with dam or sprawling port facilities with multi-storey houses and much more.

Amber Station: The map offers many opportunities to get fun houses duels deliver, in the south and south-west are the port facilities and otherwise there are plenty of multi-storey houses in which you can deliver skirmishes. Of course, the battlefield remains not so limited.

Gray Rampart: The map is dominated by a large dam. The area is divided by a river, with the large dam is located in the north. You can now deliver on both sides of the river basin skirmishes. The two areas are connected by bridges and through the dam, so there will be at these neuralgic points intensive battles.

Black Site: This field should be known to you, when you have played Metal Gear Solid - Ground Zeroes, here Snake could already see the US military base Black site and now it's your turn. The base has several levels and region is relatively flat. So there will be plenty of opportunities to ambush the opponent.

Red Fortress: As the name suggests, the "Reds", so the "Soviets", a military base built. The one most likely be referred rather than a fortress. It is located on a hill and dominates the landscape. On this tactical position, the environment can be monitored perfectly and approximations on the slopes are difficult. So you should definitely on better and deliver skirmishes inside the fortress.

Jade Forest: We are in the African jungle, you will find a semi-dilapidated village surrounded by wild jungle area. So the perfect scenario for "Guerrilla Warfare", you can retire and go hunting again at any time in the wood.