Metal Gear Online: classes and game modes at a glance

In Metal Gear Online, competitive multiplayer games you are allowed a maximum of 16 players (12 on PS3 and Xbox 360). There are to unlock exclusive weapons and abilities. This process starts with the character creation. If you have not already done so, in single player mode, you can make up for that now. But you can also change your existing character again, but only outside of Metal Gear Online in single player mode.

Altogether you have three slots available for three different characters. You have chosen an associated class, this is bound to this character. You can no longer subsequently change the class, but must create another character to try other classes. But what classes are there?


- Scout: This class is suitable for beginners. It provides normal combat skills and is specialized to mark enemies with binoculars and make it visible to all the other team members.
- Enforcer: This class is suitable for advanced players. Enforcers use their weapons with higher penetrating power, but are slower in pace and reflexes.
- Infiltrator: This class is suitable for professionals. You possess a high tempo and be on the melee specialized (CQC).

In the course of the game you unlock more character slots to try other classes.

Game Modes

The menu item you can assign your iDroids either automatically search for games, create itself one or select a game. Here you are allowed to select the cards yourself and create up to five in a list in order to play alternately. Here you have the choice between following modes:

- Bounty Hunter: This is a classic team deathmatch mode. Who first the number of spawn tickets from the opposing team's wins bring to 0. Both Kills and extractions apply to the Fulton-rescue equipment. The former increases your bounty, while the latter reduced it.

- Cloak and Dagger: A group of attackers that is equipped exclusively with non-lethal weapons must secure a data disc and return to the pick-up point. The defenders try to prevent this with lethal weapons. In this mode, there are no respawns, so act wisely.

- Comm Control: Here is the task of the attacker to conquer the Come-stations of the defenders. In this way, important data to be downloaded in its final mean victory. The more Come stations conquer the attackers, the faster the data is downloaded. Conquered Come stations can also be used as spawn points.