Minecraft Story Mode - all episodes / chapters guide

Minecraft: Story Mode is the latest adventure game from Telltale Games, a developer and publisher, and better known for its titles such as the wolf among us and The Walking Dead. Minecraft: Story Mode is based on the same success indie hit from Mojang and will be published in five episodes. The first episode called “The Order of the Stone” will release as a retail version on October 30, 2015 for Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The digital editions are already available to the majority. iOS and Android devices released on 15 October.

In our guide to Minecraft Story Mode you can find all important decisions, a checklist and descriptions of all episodes / chapters.

Episode 1: Chapter 1

You will be driven by dangerous spiders at night into a corner and you have to decide what to do with Reuben:

- I'll distract them – Once you have selected this option, Reuben will run away. However, he will appear again at the butcher in the Chapter 3.

- Stay close, I'll protect you – Once you have chosen this option, Ruben will stay with you in this chapter. However, he will appear again in Chapter 3 at the butcher's, the same as in the other decision.

Episode 1: Chapter 2

Episode 1: Chapter 3

Once you come out of the library, you must decide what to do next:

- I'm going after Lukas myself - Once you choose this option, you have to go back to the library and find Lukas hidden in a treasure container. Throw the Potion on the wall to deflect the Golem.

- Let's get Gabriel together – Once you choose this option, you will be able to push through the crowd to speak with Gabriel. After a brief exchange of words Ivor will emerge.

Episode 1: Chapter 4

As soon you enter the gate, you will notice that Gabriel and Petra are drawn in the Beast:

- Save Gabriel - You save Gabriel. What happens next is still unclear.
- Save Petra - You save Petra. Petra and Gabriel no longer appear for the rest of the first episode.

Episode 1: Chapter 5

Luke is about to leave:

- That's probably best - Once you choose this option, Luke will leave the group.
- You're staying with us - Once you choose this option, Luke remains in your group until the end of the episode.

Episode 1: Chapter 6

You must choose at the end of the episode which heroes you want to follow in the next episode:

- Choose Magnus - Once you choose this option, you take Alex with you and leave Olivia.
- Choose Ellegaard – Once you choose this option, you take with you Olivia and leave Alex.