PES 2016: best Unknown football players

PES 2016 has a variety of football players, but not all players are just football stars. The we prepared a list that proves that it is possible to find true superstars hidden among stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar in Konami's soccer simulator.

Among them are players of all positions, able to surprise their opponents with high quality and performance. Check out the 10 best unknown players in PES 2016.

R. Cohade - Saint-Etienne

Cohade is one of those complete wheels, able to transform tackles and interceptions in deadly offensive plays. In addition to the defensive support, French has great passes and long distance kick.

M. Perin - Genoa

The young goalkeeper is one of the highlights of Genoa thanks to defense that demonstrates under the beams of traditional Italian team. Without much flashy defenses, the archer is excellent choice for those seeking quality and good price.

Enzo Perez - Valencia

The Argentine is versatile and can manage in different regions of the country, including the two wings, the center and even the attack, as center forward. Enzo is fast and dribbler, but also ensures with submissions and accurate passes.

G. Kondogbia - Monaco

Can act as a defensive midfielder, defender or to the left side, the French is one of the young Monaco bets, and also excels in PES 2016 for his defensive qualities and privileged physique.

Roberto - Olympiacos

The experienced Roberto plays for Olympiacos, Greece, and he is a great option to defend networks. Spanish is high, agile and able to work miracles, all without cost too much.

Kharja - Sochaux

Kharja is no pop icon, but he ensures the proper functioning team with his well-balanced attributes. The highlight is the passes and speed, which are the main weapons of Kharja.

A. Tsukahara - no team

The Japanese 26 years can play good variety of offensive positions, including the attack ends and center. No club, the player can be hired easily in the Master League mode, and is a beautiful enhancement to any team.

S. De Jong - Tyneside (Newcastle)

The Dutchman is one of those athletes that fill several positions in the field with great quality. As a striker, the player is tall, strong and finishes very well. Break, still manages good assists to teammates.

D. Perotti - Genoa

Genoa striker is no expert in submission, but relying on the speed and skill with the ball at his feet, the Argentine can secure important victories for the team.

R. Nainggolan - Rome

The Roma midfielder is a brilliant generation of Belgian football with very strong and well balanced attributes. Nainggolan is able to attack and defend without problems, and acts as the team's engine.