PES 2016 - Score Goals on Penalties and Free Kicks

The free kick from PES 2016 is one of several opportunities to score goals. With an interesting array of moves, you can use some advanced strategies to convert opportunities into goal, and make your life easier in the online and offline modes of the game.

Be true with rockets toward the goal or classic kick over the barrier, there is room for a wide variety of styles. Check out a complete guide on how to score on penalties and free kicks.

Curve ball

One of the most traditional kicks, the ball curve is not exactly a proper collection for all athletes. To create a good effect, you must choose a player with great technique.

To hit, move the left stick gently until the directional make a bow. Then just hold the shot button quickly until the power bar pass through.

Inverted curve

Even more surprising, the inverted curve is a great opportunity to catch unsuspecting goalkeepers, as the ball tends to drop suddenly. But this is one of the types of riskier and difficult recovery.

To use this beat, move the left stick to the side of the foot that is used in the shooting. It is important to accurately hit the force, which should be a little less than half of the bar.

A short, powerful kick

A short, powerful kick is another option for stewing on goal. This kick style works even better when one of the cornerstone of the corners are unprotected.

To use this move, hold the left stick up and press the shot button until the power bar is almost full. The strategy works well in most cases, but requires some practice.

Under the Barrier

The barrier's main role block kicks in free kicks, but can also be used for smart players to trick the goalkeeper and score goals easily.

In collections of short, hold the left stick up and use a shot to try to make the ball pass under the barrier. The strategy works frequently and is suitable for players with powerful trimmings.

Call a Second Player

To call a second player to the collection position, hold LT / L2 and press the up arrow. So the keeper will have to deal with the question of which of the two players kick the ball.

You can usually beat with the main collector by pressing the shot button, or hold the LT / L2 and kick use the second player.

Fake kick

Still in the same category from test charges, can cause the second batter pass the ball. This often litters the entire barrier, and makes the goalkeeper's ideal position. Then just kick beautifully to take advantage of the flaw.

After calling the second player (LT / L2 + up arrow), hold the LT / L2, press the shot button and then quickly press the pass button.