Pro Skater 5 skill points guide

The more missions you completed, the more skill points you get. This guide will show you how your skill points distributed ideally.

Genre Skills

- Speed: Affects your speed on flat terrain.
- Ollie: Affects how high you jump from the ground.
- Manual: Affects your talent, balance Manuals.
- Grind: Affects your talent, balance Grinds.
- Vert: Affects the momentum that you have received from a quarter pipe from.
- Spin: Adjusts how quickly your character turns.
- Special: Increases the duration of your special moves.
- Lip Trick: Facilitates the ability to hold at Lip Tricks balance.

Improving fundamentals

More than half of all missions require combos of you. You need above all a lot of grinds and manuals. Therefore, it is a great basis in any case, when using your skill points lays on Manual or Grind. Here you can both enhance parallel.

Each situation is different

In the latter missions it is a stormy affair. The difficulty level rises steeply and it becomes increasingly difficult to knock down all three stars. If you encounter a problem in mission, then look at what exactly it requires of you and react to it.

If it is, for example, a Grind combo, you should take back and put as many as possible to grind the most points.

Once you do it with an air combo, set as many points on Vert and tempo. The latter is also important if you want to ring-course graduate within the best time.


Have you achieved more than 60 skill points, you can start a good balance of individual skills building. Since as already mentioned grinds and manuals are most important, it is worthwhile to bring this to the maximum. Then you must turn away this pace and Ollie - then Vert and Spining. The least important are Lip tricks, because they are never particularly helpful.

Here the order of decreasing importance: Manual, Grind, Speed, Ollie, Vert, Spin, Special and Lip Trick