Project Zero Maiden of Blackwater Beginner's guide and tips

Halloween is coming up. If you organize a big party, you shall soon be able to find a perfect game for it. Namely the Project Zero: Maiden of Blackwater appears on 30 October 2015. It is the fifth part of the series, which is known as Fatal Frame.

Like its predecessors, it will scare you to death with supernatural encounters and drive every second hackles up. This part is mainly the fear of water and drowning in the foreground. The game is divided into 14 chapters. In addition, there are many mysteries as unlockable new costumes for the three main characters, or numerous upgrades for your Camera Obscura.

- Unlike other horror games, you have no real weapons in Project Zero. Your only way to defeat the countless spirits in the game is your Camera Obscura, by banishing with its spirits on photographic film. So always ensure that you upgrade the capabilities of your Camera Obscura.

- You will receive points through various methods to upgrade your Camera Obscura. So you gain points if you defeat spirits or if you have left items (such as herbal medicine, photographic film, etc.) at the end of the chapter. Also you will gain points if phantoms of the past photographed. This sometimes you recognize as the screen turns black and white. Here you have to quickly shoot the ghost before he disappears again.

- Fight against a spirit, you will be shown on the Wii U Gamepad below a bar with 5 balls. The more objects you photographed at the same time, the more balls will light and your photo makes more damage to the spirit.

- During the fight against ghosts, you are in the camera mode, which is shown on the Wii U gamepad. Take the opportunity to turn the gamepad to get as many properties as possible at the same time on a photo, and thereby cause more damage.

- Contrary to what one might expect from it is another horror game, you should let them get close to you. Power shortly before the ghosts reach you with their attack; take a photo of them to make such a deadly photo. A deadly photo provides a lot of damage in mind and also appeared in the top left on the window viewing a number countdown on. As long as the countdown has begun, you can take more photos as you like, without charging times or photo film is consumed. Thus you can continue the spirits again inflict a lot of damage.