Star Wars Battlefront - All Weapons and Equipment at a glance

Star Wars Battlefront gives you access to 4 arms and 7 equipment in the form of star cards during the open beta phase from 8 October to 12 October. Here you will learn how and when you can unlock them.

Weapons and equipment you can unlock during the gameplay. However, you will need additionally Galactic Credits. You can earn them through the multiplayer battles. At the end of each round you get depending on the power and victory or defeat an appropriate scoring, which is converted into a credit amount. So you unlock gradually following arms and star charts.

Weapons: A280C Blaster Rifle

The A280C Blaster Rifle is the preferred standard weapon of the Rebel Group and provides a balanced mix of damage, range and rate of fire. At Rank 4 you can unlock it for 450 Galactic credits.

Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle

On the side of the Empire they trust in the services of the E-11 blaster rifle. It convinces with high damage values also at greater distances. By contrast, there is a reduced rate of fire with longer cooling time. Also at Rank 4 you can unlock it for 450 Galactic Credits.

Weapons: DH-17 Blaster Pistol

The classic DH-17 Blaster Pistol should not be missed in Star Wars Battlefront. It provides excellent services thanks to its high rate of fire, particularly on medium distances. At rank 3 you can unlock it for 750 credits.

Weapons: DLT-19 Heavy Blaster

Straight to be confused with an MG3 of heavy blaster DLT-19 is perfect for covering fire to pin down enemy troops. Even larger groups of opponents have no problem with this weapon. Starting at rank 5 you can unlock it for 2250 credits.

Star Card: Thermal Detonator

This is your standard quasi-grenade in the game. It has a cooldown 9 seconds and is aimed at targeted use related harm. From rank 2 you can purchase it for 100 Galactic Credits.

Star Card: Cycler Rifle

As a secondary weapon you can equip this sniper rifle, which every 7 seconds allows you an unerring shot from a great distance. You can kill enemies directly with one shot, unless they are equipped with full life energy. In addition, the Cycler Rifle shield permeates itself effortlessly. From Rank 3 you can unlock it for 750 credits.

Star Card: Ion Shot

The strength of your shot with the primary weapon is strengthening your Ion shot. This is active for 7 seconds and lets you fire projectiles charged ions. However, the charges are limited and you can either buy new ammunition or find on battlefields. The cooldown is 20 seconds and you can unlock the Ion shot from rank 3 with 500 Galactic Credits.

Star Card: Ion Grenade

Even more powerful than the Thermal Detonator Grenade, the massive damage on vehicles, shields and droid is effected. You can use them every 12 seconds. Starting from rank 4 you can add them to your arsenal for 1,200 credits.

Star Card: Jump Pack

With the Jump Pack you are mobile a lot on the battlefields. In battle you can escape sticky situations or overcoming obstacles. Unfortunately, you are allowed to jump only every 15 seconds and will equip at Rank 5 for 2250 credits.

Star Card: Personal Shield

Every 20 seconds you are allowed to activate a personal shield for 7 seconds that protects you from damage by energy weapons. However, you are not protected from damage as the kinetic Cycler Rifle or grenades. Starting from rank 5 you can equip Personal Shield for 500 credits.

Star Card: Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is the most expensive star card in the Beta and cost you 4500 credits. By Headshot it reduced with the skill cooldown of your other star cards in several levels of 1-3. Especially suitable in combination with the Cycler Rifle and can be used from Rank. 5.