Star Wars Battlefront: Walker Assault on Hoth - guide / tips

In Walker Assault You must participate in the mass slaughter on the ice planet Hoth, on the 20 players on each side of the Empire or the Rebel fight each other to the advance of the huge AT-AT during the beta.

The AT-ATs move during a round Walker Assault slowly to the Echo Base of the rebels in order to destroy them. This must, of course, prevent the rebels at any cost, while the Imperials to serve as escort for the looming. The tasks differ on each fraction as follows.


- First it applies in each case take two transmission stations (satellite uplink) and then to defend. Just hold the Action key before transmitting station pressed.
- If the transmitting station in rebel hands, Y-Wing bombers are called, who destroy the shields of AT-AT. Only now you can do them harm. Concentrating all of your firepower during this time on the looming.
- Look for power-ups on the battlefield out who you allow the use of A-Wings and X-Wings. With these you add more damage to the AT-ATs.
- With the Power-Up for Snowspeeder you can also perform the famous rope-maneuvers in the film if you survive long enough.
- If you catch the hero power-up with Luke Skywalker, you can utilize fully to help out at the front.


- Defend the broadcasting stations or conquered it back by the rebels, as the Y-Wing Bomber are the greatest threat to AT-ATs.
- With AT-STs and the Tie fighters you can, as Imperial, also heavy artillery against the rebels’ mount up.
- You may put my power-up even for a short time at the gun of an AT-ATs.
- With Darth Vader you can actively frustrate the objectives of the rebels.

General Tips for Walker Assault Mode

- The Power-Up Blaster Cannon can help you in battle especially good if you use it from an elevated position.
- Use power-ups as often as possible. They are distributed throughout the battlefield, and you also get the opportunity to quickly mighty hero or combat ships to control.
- As Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, you should not always seek confrontation with the hero / villain of the opposite side.
- Making use of your star charts and keep the cooldowns for reuse in mind. Which star charts there, you experience the special Star Wars Battlefront Beta: All weapons and equipment at a glance.
- Logically, you should always keep moving. The map has a large extent to many wide open spaces and the sniper volleys fly over the battlefield. Unfortunately, the shields help nothing.
- Use against all vehicles, including the AT-ST ion damage. The star charts ions and ions shot grenade are particularly effective here.