Street Fighter 5: All fighters, Roster - Line up

The next phase of the beta testing of Street Fighter 5 will start on October 22 to October 25. Then start the second test phase of the beat 'em ups.

16 fighters will include in next year Street Fighter 5. This is both a mixture of veterans of the series, such as Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li, as well as new characters like Necalli, Rashid and Laura. To help you prepare for the next series, we will show you all the fighters of the roster with all information about Move-lists, backgrounds and character values in our overview.

Already known 14 of the 16 fighters of the roster. As new characters are introduced, this article will be updated accordingly.

Ryu: Eternal Wanderer

The Eternal Wanderer from Tournament is not to become easily the hallmark of the Street Fighter series. The Japanese martial artist fighter appears since the first Street Fighter 1987 for victory in the match. M. Bison is constantly trying to pull Ryu to his side to take advantage of his incredible abilities for his criminal organization Shadaloo and his plans for world conquest.

With the Americans Ken Masters him combines an eternal rivalry, after having been informed by the same champion and now always wants to test who the better fighter of the two.

Ryu: Move List

Ryu's signature moves in the series are the Shoryuken, Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Ryu is one of the strongest characters in Street Fighter, however, has a relatively short range.

Chun-Li: Blue Jade

The petite Chinese woman with "thighs from Hell" is a martial arts fighter and undercover Interpol Agent from Hong Kong. Although she is an expert with handguns, she uses mainly her strong legs in battle.

Chun-Li has been on the fighter’s roster since Street Fighter 2 and is the first female fighter ever in the beat 'em up. Chun-Li's cult status is the reason that she previously own film was the only character: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Chun-Li: Move list

Chun-Li's signature moves are the Lightning Kick Hyakuretsu Kyaku who spinning bird kick and Kiko-Ken, who acts like Ryu's Hadouken. In contrast to the majority of the roster Chun-Li has a lower life energy and strength, but this can compensate with her mobility and reach.

M. Bison

M. Bison is the antagonist of the Street Fighter series and constant organizer of tournaments. His primarily purpose to join the ranks of Shadaloo, the criminal organization bison, take the strongest and meanest thugs.

Some of the "heroes" in the roster, however, have other objectives, namely to stop and disable M. Bison, every man for himself from his own motives.

Bison is as Ryu to the characters of the series, he is appearing from the very beginning and in all parts. At his appearance has hardly changed in all that time, something he wears but always the same uniform with the general's cap. However, in Street Fighter 5 Bison has white hair and empty eyes.

M. Bison: Move list

His moves are mainly based on the Psycho Power, with which he can hypnotize opponents. Signature moves are Psycho Crusher, Double Knee Press and Psycho shot. He is also recommended for the antagonist of the series - one of the strongest fighters in the game.

Cammy: "I fight For Those I want to protect!"

Cammy White, also known under the code name Killer Bee, is part of the roster of Street Fighter since Super Street Fighter 2. Thus, she represents the second female fighter after Chun-Li. Cammy has quickly assured a special popularity among the fighters of the series.

Cammy has in the history of Street Fighter also undergone some changes. So the fighter originally belonged to bison Shadaloo Army, but later joined the British Special Forces "Delta Red", after she woke up with amnesia. This development is treated reversed in the chronology of game releases, which is why she should be exempted in Street Fighter 5 of brainwashing Shadaloos.

Cammy: Move list

Cammy is one of the most agile fighters in the game, and convinces with an enormous speed. Her Signature Moves the Spiral Arrow, Spike Cannon and Cannon Strike. Unlike other characters, she has a lower health and can not plug it so much.

Nash aka Charlie, the paradoxical Avenger

In English it is called Charlie, in the original sound from Japan Nash, and is actually an ex-comrade of Guile. Making his first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha had Nash, but who listened to the story of 2 Street Fighter attentive, got there already first indications of fighters.

Because Guiles ambition to participate in the tournament, is in the revenge against M. Bison, who is said to have apparently killed Charlie during a previous tournaments. With the different ends of the alpha parts then assigned an additional cause of death. But the fact is, Charlie is the Sean Bean of Street Fighter. December 2014 was finally announced that Charlie again returns as a playable character, but under the name of Nash.

Nash: Move list

Nash Move List is based largely on those of Guile, but its Flash Kick is significantly stronger. His values are relatively balanced.


The hulking punk rocker Birdie was confirmed at E3 2015 for the roster of Street Fighter. 5 Former wrestlers to be after a few missteps to chose criminal and Street Fighter is sluggish, but incredibly strong, with more than 2 meters height and weigh 230 kilograms.

After he had approximated by the various alpha parts of the organization Shadaloo and even the desire pursued to replace Bison as a leader, Birdie disappeared at the end of the story of Street Fighter Alpha 3 in the explosion of the Psycho Drive, which he wanted to steal from Bison. In Street Fighter 5, the British 1980s punk rocker returns again and Shadaloo has turned his back.

Birdie: Move list

Through his chain Birdie has a relatively large range. His signature moves are the Bandit and Murderer Chain, the Bullhead and bullhorn.

Ken Masters, Ryu's best friend

Ken is one of the veterans of the Street Fighter series, and one of the most popular characters of the franchise. In Street Fighter 5, he is with a new hairdo, at the start. In constant competition with his buddy Ryu he wants to improve his strength with the best fighters in the world, however, is not quite as grim as his Japanese buddy.

Characteristic of Ken are his red Gi and his blond mane. In Street Fighter 5, his appearance has indeed changed a bit, but he still is one of the strongest characters in the series. As Ryu he believes in the virtues of honor, discipline and hard work, but sometimes tends to mischief. But his family is a top priority for him.

Ken: Move list

Ken's Moves are very similar to Ryu. His special moves are also part of Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukykau. In terms of flexibility and technique Ken has even slightly better values than Ryu.


Necalli is one of four new characters in Street Fighter 5. In appearance and behavior he is very similar to Street Fighter veteran Blanka, however, still seems to be uncontrollable. He has long black braid hair. However, he may proceed with full bar in a Rage Mode,

Not much is known about his background, but he is described as an emissary of God. He probably comes from Central America and has Aztec influences. Although he screams more than he speaks, but when he speaks he stutters considerably.

Necalli: Move list

Necalli's fighting style is a mix of wild punches and wrestling maneuvers. Claw attacks, Dive-kicks and devastating slams part of his repertoire. Above all, his strength and art values are strong. However, he needs to make cuts in health and reach.

Vega, the Spanish Ninja

Vega, in Japan known as Balrog, also one of the veterans of the series and made his first appearance as a final boss in Street Fighter 2. He is distinguished a sense of beauty of all that is reflected in his unique fighting style. He contributes to combat the beginning always a mask and used Wolverine-like blades as a weapon.

A native of Spain Vega is considered narcissist and accordingly is arrogant and completely convinced of his superiority over the other. Although he certainly is a gifted fighter, he is prone to sadism and feels pleasure while suffering he inflicts on his victims. He is definitely one of the villains of the series and acted many times in the interest of Shadaloo.

Vega: Move list

Vega mixed his fighting style of Ninjutsu with the movements of a Spanish matador, which is why he is also called the "Spanish Ninja". His strengths and quickness are definitely in his agility. In addition, he was the first character of the series, the used blade as a weapon.. His signature moves include the Flying Barcelona Attack and the Sky High Claw.

R. Mika

R. Mika (Mika Rainbow) made her debut as a professional wrestler in Street Fighter Alpha 3. With real name she is actually called Mika Nanakawa. She has long blonde hair that is braided into two plaits and also a permissive wrestler outfit. She seems always alert and lively, and wants to impress the audience with her combat maneuvers.

Her hero is the Russian wrestler Zangief, whose fighting style she has chosen for herself as the optimal route. At the same time she is always tries to defeat her rival in battle. However, she always remains positive and exudes an optimistic cheerful attitude.

R. Mika: Move list

R. Mika's combat maneuvers are mainly based on technical litters and handles. However, unlike other wrestlers in Street Fighter is faster and more flexible, which makes her a serious adversary. Her signature moves include Flying Peach and Peach Shooting.


Rashid is one of the new fighters in Street Fighter 5 and is the first Arab character in the main series. He has black hair and brown eyes, with his left eye is covered with a yellow patch. He is described as casual and relaxed fighter who has a great interest in the newly developed fighting techniques.

Rashid is the eldest son of a family from the Middle East. He travels the world in search of a missing friend who was apparently kidnapped of M. Bison's Shadaloo organization. He is always looking for adventures and new friends.

Rashid: Move list

Rashid has his very own fighting style with influences of Parkour. He uses many acrobatic kicks and also is able to control it and the wind to hurl small mini-tornado on his opponents. He also becomes the first Street Fighter character via two V-Skills.

Karin Kanzuki, the technician

Karin was first introduced as a playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She comes from a wealthy Japanese family, she is even richer than that of Ken Masters. She even has her own satellite by the name Red Spider Lilly. She was educated by her father like a son, because he actually wanted a male heir.

Her appearance with a sort of red business outfit and the European aristocratic hairstyle makes her a very disciplined fighter who is in a constant rivalry with Sakura. She affects mostly elitist and snobbish and behaves accordingly snooty, but is an excellent, tech-savvy campaigner.

Karin: Move list

Karin has a similar fighting style as Sakura, however, this has changed in rivalry with her. She has a wide repertoire of punches, throws and counterattacks and one of the most technically gifted fighters. She is also well versed in various military martial arts.

Zangief: "My body is invincible iron!"

Zangief aka The Red Cyclone since Street Fighter 2 integral part of the roster. He is a well-known Russian folk hero, fighting for the glory and honor of Mother Russia. He is 181 kg 2,14m size a real machine and imposing appearance in the arena.

Even after the fall of the Iron Curtain Zangief was introduced as a member of the Soviet Union in the Street Fighter games until 1998th Only with Street Fighter 4, he was presented with the Russian flag as a fighter. Zangief has always been a very proud fighter who deals with all at any time want to measure in fighting.

Zangief: Move list 

Zangief is the archetype of a wrestler who is very strong especially in the melee. Devastating throws and slams are therefore his trademark. His techniques are often complicated to execute recommend him only for experienced players. In addition, he is one of the slowest characters in the series. His signature moves are the Flying Powerbomb and the Spinning Pile Driver.

Laura, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion

Laura Matsuda is part of the new fighters in Street Fighter 5, and is the third Brazilian character in the series by Blanka and her younger brother Sean, who in Street Fighter 3: New Generation had an appearance. She is wearing an outfit corresponding to the Brazilian national colors and is one of the most challenging characters in Street Fighter. 5

Laura is a free spirit and full of energy. She's always looking for the next exciting battle and to take forward the fighting style of their family on. This was taught her by her grandfather and describes herself as Matsuda jujitsu.

Laura: Move list

Laura practiced a kind of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu consists of grips and throws. In addition, she may like Blanka special attacks using electricity. Her signature moves include attacks like the Thunder Clap Projectile or Inazuma Spin Hold.